Exxon Has Known Climate Change Is Real For Decades But Hid It From The Public, Legal Action Imminent?

Exxon conducted its own study 30 years ago that showed humans have a direct impact on perpetuated climate change, but chose to mislead the public, and now, as a result, the oil giant is facing numerous lawsuits.

By Ryan Clancy | Published


 Oil and gas company Exxon has come under scrutiny this week as there are claims that they knew of the devastating effects global warming would have on our planet. What makes this claim even more sensational is that Exxon led a worldwide campaign over the last thirty years trying to cast doubt on the long-term effects of climate change and the science behind it.

Campaigns like the one that Exxon was heavily involved in delayed any action toward climate change by global governments. This lack of action meant that global warming and climate change were left to prosper independently instead of nipping it in the bud early.

Over the last number of years, there have been many claims that Exxon did in-house research about the effects of climate change which proved that it was, in fact, a real global problem. This new claim compared Exxon’s research to how climate change has evolved since.

Exxon’s research from 1977 to 2003 was investigated by academic institutes, Havard University and the Potsdam Insitute for Climate Impact Research. They confirmed that Exxon’s analysis was correct, and in some reports, they even managed to surpass the knowledge that some governments had.

Thankfully, Exxon and other fossil fuel companies are facing several lawsuits due to misleading the public on how harmful their products really are. It is devious and wrong that they knew what their products were doing to our precious Earth, and they purposely misled the public into thinking differently.

The effects of global warming can be seen across the globe every day, with many places being subjected to extreme weather, including high rainfall, stronger winds, and increased temperatures. The Earth’s temperature has already increased by 1 degree Celcius, which was charted in Exxon’s research.

Essentially what modern scientists have done is make official something Exxon already knew, that using their products every day globally would cause the Earth’s temperature to increase by 0.2 degrees every ten years.

Exxon released a statement denying its knowledge of the research and its detrimental effects. Their statement was short and to the point, and they have not defended any specific exurbs from the papers going viral on social media under the hashtag “#ExxonKnew.”

They claim that their understanding of climate change grew with everyone else and that they were not trying to derail campaigns trying to bring attention to global warming.

At the moment, Exxon is facing over twenty lawsuits from local and state governments due to the damage caused by climate change and their part in downplaying the effects of their products. This research could finally help bring these fossil fuel companies to justice after evading legal action for so long.

What the Exxon scientists found through their research should have been given to the correct government body where it could have been put to good use. Instead, it was covered up, and everyone proceeded to rely on fossil fuels for decades before it came to light how harmful they are. Exxon may have caused irreparable damage to the Earth in the name of money, which is disgusting.