Donald Trump Coming Back To Twitter Because Of Elon Musk?

Elon Musk, who is close to finalizing his deal to purchase Twitter, has said he would allow Donald Trump back on the social media platform.

By Gabriella Acuna | Published

Twitter users may soon find Donald Trump back on his favorite social media platform. This past week, after a tumultuous back and forth battle between the social media platform’s executive team this summer, Elon Musk decided to go ahead with his plans to purchase Twitter. Back in May, Musk said he’d give Trump access back to his account once he became CEO. 

Musk then stated that he thought “it was not correct to ban Donald Trump,” reports CNN. This past July Musk began to back away from his decision to buy Twitter. As a result, the social media platform filed a lawsuit to try to force him to keep his end of the deal. 

Musk and Twitter are scheduled for a court hearing in mid-October, but a securities filing this past Tuesday revealed that Musk had in fact changed his mind. Although the parties may still be due in court, Musks’ decision to resume his plans to purchase Twitter may change the dynamics of the situation. Many believe that Donald Trump, who has been using his own social media platform, “Truth Social,” will return to Twitter if given the chance. 

Twitter plans on closing the deal with Musk soon, and if that happens, Musk could soon find himself as the new CEO of Twitter in a couple of weeks. Musk’s board and shareholders already gave the green light to move forward with the deal, but Twitter knows that the fickle CEO always has a trick up his sleeve. Donald Trump, whose original Twitter account was banned after the events of January 6th, has previously stated that he’d stick to his own platform even if he was allowed to join Twitter again. 

With tens of millions of followers, it may prove difficult for Donald Trump to ignore his original virtual stomping grounds. Right before he was banned, Trump had nearly 90 million followers on his Twitter account. If he is given access again, there’s a chance he won’t have all his followers reinstated, but he probably won’t have much trouble getting back to where he was once before. 

Musk spoke out about Twitter’s decision to ban Donald Trump back in May a few weeks after he had announced his plans to purchase the social media platform. Musk has also stated that he didn’t agree with the concept of permanent bans. According to CNN, removing permanent bans may lead to Twitter becoming filled with “far-right personalities and conspiracy theorists.”

Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, also seemed to align with Musk. According to CNN, Dorsey tweeted that banning Donald Trump was a “business decision” that “shouldn’t have been”. Despite the support Trump seemed to have for Elon’s decision to buy Twitter, the two men found themselves clashing over the summer on social media.

At a rally in July, Donald Trump insulted Musk in front of a crowd of his supporters, which led to Musk tweeting out a comment suggesting that Trump needed to “hang up his hat,” reported CNN. Another social media platform that banned Trump, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), has said that after two years, Trump’s ban would be reviewed. Meta, which owns Instagram, could possibly allow the former president back on their platforms by early next year.