Pilots From One Airline Are About To Go On Strike

There could be a Deltra strike with pilots after negotiations between them and the airline have stalled.

By Tiffany Velasquez | Published

delta strike

Pilots from Delta Airlines have voted in favor of going on strike if the company and the union do not come to a contract agreement for the pilots. Delta and other airlines have recently begun seeing profit return to the industry after disruption from the pandemic and pilots are looking for better contracts. The Delta strike still has to go through a process to proceed but, even though they are willing to go forward with a strike, the Delta Airline pilots ultimately just want a better contract agreement to be in place. 

If an agreement is not met, pilots for Delta Air are more than willing to go forward with a strike. The pilots gathered together to vote on the matter of a Delta strike and overwhelmingly voted in favor of a strike. The strike would be in direct response to the shoddy contracts that are currently in place.

A Delta strike will not be something that happens immediately, despite the fact that pilots are more than willing. There is a process in place that has to be followed but steps have already been initiated. The vote has already taken place and the next step would be seeking permission directly from the National Mediation Board. 

The National Mediation Board is an independent agency of the United States Government and the largest public agency of its kind in the nation. The purpose of the federal organization is to settle disputes and find resolution by providing mediation and resolution services for cases just like the Delta strike. The mission of the National Mediation Board is to preserve and promote peace and cooperation in the labor-management sector. 

The pilots who are willing to stand up and participate in a Delta strike are not seeking conflict, they are seeking resolution through better contracts. The covid-19 pandemic sent the aviation industry into a frenzy and put contract negations in a bad spot. Despite the industry gaining momentum and picking back up, pilots are finding it difficult to secure and lockdown contract terms.

The contract negations between pilots and airlines are simply taking too long and pilots are fed up, prompting pushback just like the Delta strike. Pilots are hoping that they can come to a contract agreement sooner rather than later to avoid a strike and continue to rebuild the industry. In regards to an agreement being reached, it is now up to the management of the airline to settle it. 

Pilots see themselves as an investment and feel it is time that airlines compensate them appropriately for their expertise and contribution to the aviation industry. In their view, the Delta strike can be avoided if the airline management team would make a decision that the airline pilots find acceptable. Time is of the essence in this situation and there is potential that the Delta strike could disrupt the industry and lead to strikes from other airline pilots. 

As of now, the industry will continue operating as normal. The Delta strike has not yet taken place but will if necessary. For the future of all travelers and all pilots, let’s hope that an agreement is reached soon.