Cup O’ Noodles Now Makes Makeup?

By Joseph Farago | Published

Looking at the Cup O’ Noodles packaging, one might notice the vibrant combination of colors. Pops of orange, red, and yellow make the noodle’s covering instantly memorable. The ramen brand has had the signature packaging for decades, with many ramen lovers able to identify the brand simply from the color palette. If you’ve wanted to have those specific hues on your body, this will soon be a reality with Cup O’ Noodles makeup.

At the beginning of this week, Cup O’ Noodles announced its collaboration with Los Angeles-based skin care and beauty company HipDot. The two companies are joining forces to create a line of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes that match the ramen’s packaging. The noodle brand will also release a special collectors’ box with all the makeup items together, including additional limited-edition products.

The collaboration comes at a perfect, celebratory time for the noodle brand. Cup O’ Noodles makeup is an inventive, fun release to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. Jeff Sellinger, CEO of HipDot, declared his excitement for the collaboration as another “cult-classic” product venture. The LA brand has consistently worked with food brands to craft out-of-the-box makeup kits. Sellinger said he pursues this work to combine “food and beauty” into one world and expects to release more food-inspired products.

HipDot has not shied away from collaborating with other unorthodox brands. Previous ventures have included Reese’s, Peeps, and Tapatio Hot Sauce. The Reese’s collab is similar to the Cup O’ Noodles makeup products, with a palette that incorporates all colors of the candy’s iconic wrapper. The HipDot line includes lipsticks, brushes with Reese’s logo, and a collector’s bag. There’s also a white chocolate palette, with all the eye shadow colors representing the white and yellow packaging.

The Cup O’ Noodles makeup will launch with a colorful, warm-toned palette. The Cup O’ Noodles Pigment Palette, which will go for $26, has eight different eye and lip shades to mix and match your favorite hues. The colors range from bright yellow to mauve to fiery red. The eight colors paint the exact picture of the ramen’s packaging, and soon you’ll be able to match your face to the iconic noodle logo. The eye and lip shades all have distinct, soup-inspired names like Diced Carrot, Ramen Noodle, Roasted Corn, Seasoning, Soy Sauce, Spicy Chile, Teriyaki, and Hot & Spicy. With HipDot’s unconventional new palette, you’ll never have to recreate ramen packaging with regular makeup again. See a preview of what you can expect with the new makeup line below.

cup o noodles makeup

The Cup O’ Noodles makeup line will also include a The Cup O’ Noodles Lip and Cheek Set. This set will consist of a highlighter, brushes, and liquid blush. The collection will start at $22, with all of the unique colors of the ramen’s logo and packaging. The red and orange colors in the set have their noodle-influenced names, like Sesame and Hot Sauce. The liquid highlighter will be sold with the title Lemon, another food-related label to tie the collection together.

If old makeup bores you and you’re left feeling uninspired, HipDot’s food-focused beauty products will undoubtedly breathe new life into the art form. The Cup O’ Noodles makeup line is perfect for any soup-loving individual ready to take their food admiration to the next level.