Cuddle Comfort – Find Or Become A Professional Cuddler With This Service

Cuddle Comfort is a service that helps people find those in their area who want to cuddle.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

It’s been a long week and all you can think about is starting off the weekend on the right note. You’re not in a relationship and can’t see being in one for the foreseeable future, but you long for those nice nights of cuddling. A co-worker mentioned a great website called Cuddle Comfort where one can find a person to cuddle with, no strings attached, and without any money coming out of your pocket.

Sound too good to be true? Well, Cuddle Comfort is real and has thousand of Cuddlers ready, willing, and able to fill those cuddling needs. It is simple to get started and in no time a Cuddle Comfort individual could be on their way to help with the cuddling you crave.


cuddle comfort

According to Cuddle Comfort, over 230,000 people around the globe get the benefit of their services. They have created a safe platform for those who simply want to cuddle and nothing more, without any cost. Cuddle Comfort understands what cuddlers are looking for and they provide the best cuddlers to satisfy cuddling needs.

It is actually quite easy to get started with Cuddle Comfort. Simply go to their website and hit that big green “Start Cuddling” button and cuddlers will be taken to a very short sign-up page. Potential cuddlers with fill out their email address and create a password.

After that, they will then enter where they live. Once that is established, cuddlers will then create their username, something that will be visible to other people on the site. That is it, you are now part of the Cuddle Comfort community.

Once an account has been created, cuddlers will be able to send and receive messages, view profiles and photos, view visitors, receive reviews, and set up favorite users, all for free. Cuddlers won’t need to add any banking information and they won’t have to include credit card information. The entire experience is free.


Believe it or not, cuddling plays a very important part in our well-being. For the most part, we want that human touch, though many times, we don’t want (or need) that touch to be sexual in nature. Cuddling has been proven to be an anti-depressant, it relieves anxiety, and it also strengthens our immune system.

But there are many who simply don’t get enough cuddling. One reason is those cuddlers typically are in a relationship. What about those who are not in a relationship but still want to cuddle?

Yes, they could talk to one of their close friends but that could always turn into a sticky situation. It does make sense to ask a friend to be your cuddle buddy, but where you are looking at it in a completely plutonic way, a potential cuddle pal may read more into it. Those awkward situations are ones to avoid.

Enter Cuddle Comfort. No longer will anyone have to concern themselves with awkwardness and the possibility of losing a friend over a cuddle misunderstanding. Cuddle Comfort will offer plenty of options, one that both cuddlee and cuddler are comfortable with.


Once the cuddler is good and ready, simply log on to the newly created account. Then search Cuddle Comfort for those cuddlers in your specific area; there should be plenty to choose from. Once the search has been narrowed down, reach out to the cuddler of choice.

If a new cuddler has any worries about how to start their message or what exactly to say, they shouldn’t worry. Those getting on the Cuddle Comfort website know and understand because they too are there for the same thing. Set up that meet-up and get to cuddling.

The beauty of Cuddle Comfort is that everyone knows (or should) that there are no strings attached. They are there for one reason and one reason only – to cuddle. There is no pressure and no expectation for things to go any further than a cuddle.

It is bound to happen, isn’t it? A cuddle that might cause certain physical reactions, such as arousal. Cuddle Comfort does not condone anything other than a cuddle, but they also know there are times when cuddling may cause an unfortunate reaction.

If this happens, changing the positions of the cuddle may help. If that doesn’t, then perhaps taking a time out from the cuddle will help. The bottom line is that even though arousal may happen, it doesn’t mean it should be acted upon.


Believe it or not, there are such things as professional cuddlers. You don’t need a degree to become one and with Cuddle Comfort, they make the process of becoming a professional cuddler very easy. Some of the requirements they ask for are a photo of you, they want to make sure that you are accepting of all races, ages, genders, and sexual orientations. They want you to have strong communication and interpersonal skills.

You will be asked to go over the Cuddle Comfort contract and agree to it. Then you will sign up giving your first and last name, your email address, select if you are a man or a woman, attach a picture of yourself, and then explain why you chose to be a professional cuddler.

So, what happens if you become a professional cuddler? Cuddle Comfort offers the highest compensation rate at 85%. They have one of the largest client bases as well.

As a professional with Cuddle Comfort, the hours are flexible and they are non-exclusive, which means if a professional cuddler wants to also work for another company, they can do that as well as keep their position with Cuddle Comfort. Best of all, professional cuddlers get to choose their starting price and the location of where they want to cuddle.

A cuddle without a commitment. Who would have thought it was a real thing? Well, Cuddle Comfort has been around for over ten years now, with the goal of getting cuddles to those in need, but to those who don’t want any romantic entanglements. Sounds like a win-win.