How To Clean Watch Strap Rubber

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Looking to know, how to clean watch strap rubber? There can be a number of reasons why your rubber strap has become dirty. The number one reason is the organic material which sticks with the rubber and stains it over time. Especially, the crevices on the band are most vulnerable as they are most difficult to clean up and easily accumulate sweat and oils over time.

My search for cleaner strap began because of my love with this beautiful masterpiece G Shock Rangeman. It is going fine for quite some time and it is quite easy to clean its strap.

As you move out and stroll under the sun. The upper layer of the watch get oxidized making. The oxidation occurs because of your sweat or moisture in the air. Because of the oxidation the upper layer now becomes decolorized.  Salty water can also damage the rubber bands. Make sure that you take off the watch if you are planning to enjoy in water the on beach.

If you wish to clean the watch strap then, you need to take the upper layer off the strap the in a least possible damaging way for the watch. There are a number of ways available in the market that help in removing a very thin layer of the rubber strap. This exposes the underneath fresh rubber layer which makes the watch look new.

The below methods will help you clean the strap rubber but if you have the strap for 24-36 months then it is more appropriate that you replace it with a newer strap.


Before trying any method, it is imperative that you are aware of any skin allergies or sensitives you have. Getting into any skin related trouble is not worth cleaning a rubber. I personally take no responsibility if you hurt yourself or damage the band. Here are some of the methods to clean the rubber band.


Take little quantity of isopropyl alcohol and rub it on the stained area. It will remove the upper oxidized layer. Using this method occasionally can make the rubber absorb alcohol. This can make the inner structure of the strap weaker. After some time you will begin seeing cracks on the strap. It’s an indication that the strap life is almost over.


Using acetone is a somewhat stronger method of oil removal than the isopropyl method. Acetone will take off the upper layer more strongly than first removing option. Do not use this method frequently as it will make the rubber life shorter. It is best to rely on acetone if you are kind of a person who cleans watch once or twice a year.


Take water and Clorox, mix them well and then take out an old toothbrush. Gently dip the toothbrush into the solution and then rub the stained part of the rubber strap. Repeat until you observe that rubber has cleaned up. Rinse off the strap with water. Make sure that you dry it well before using again.


Toothpaste can take off hard stains from teeth. If used regularly then it can certainly work on rubber as well. Take a toothpaste which you feel is softer in nature. Do not take the whitening ones, as they are pretty sharp, especially the mouth freshening ones, after which drinking a glass of water becomes pretty difficult.

Rub the toothpaste with an old brush. Rinse after a while and the strap should be good.


Baking soda can be used as an abrasive material to peel off the upper oxidized layer of the watch band. Take a piece of cloth, dip little part of it in water. With a damp cloth, rub the baking soda on the damaged part of the band with little pressure. Soon you will observe that a new fresh layer has appeared. Wash the watch, dry it and you are done.


Fill a bowl with water and put some polident in it. Take only the dirty strap of the watch and dip it in the solution of polident and water. Leave the watch inside the bowl for around 12 hours.

After the time has elapsed, take it out and clean it with fresh water. Dry the band and it should appear in fresh colors.


It is the least recommended method in this list of how to clean watch strap rubber.

It can be the most damaging method if done too harshly. The procedure is the same as rubbing alcohol but WD-40 is stronger than acetone/alcohol and can even break your rubber strap especially it is of low-end quality. Take this method as a last resort.

In order to handle WD-40 safely use very little quantity. Repeat again with the little amount of WD-4 until the strap is clean.


Sometimes the degree to which your strap is dirty is not much of a concern. A simple cheap eraser can gently remove the dirt but make sure that you are very gentle during the process. Do not over rub the eraser on the strap as it might damage the silicone and you can even break it if it is already of a low-quality build.


Use any soft cloth and try to clean the dirt accumulated on the strap. An important thing to consider is that you do not rub hard on the strap because dirt particles can scratch the rubber strap and may result in permanent damage. Any unnecessary action can lower the lifespan of the strap and you may need to replace it earlier.


After you have found one of the above methods suitable for cleaning the rubber strap then you may observe some damage may have occured on the rubber strap. If you feel that it still looks good or the damage of little degree and you can get away with the replacement then it is time that you change your habits.

Daily clean your watch strap with a soft cloth, it will help remove any dirt.

Once a week wash the strap with a soft soap with filtered water it can help clean the accumulated oils and improve the longevity of the strap.

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