See Cinnabon’s New Cinnamon-less Menu Item

In a historic movie, Cinnabon is releasing a menu item that contains absolutely no cinnamon. See the new menu addition here.

By Charlene Badasie | Published


Known around the world for its ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon will now be introducing Chocolate BonBites to its bakery menus nationwide. In a first for the food outlet, the new item will not feature its famous cinnamon flavoring. Available for a limited time, the bite-sized treats are baked with the eatery’s classic dough, layered with chocolate on the inside, and topped with a blend of chocolate frosting and Cinnabon’s signature cream cheese frosting. The product will be on sale until September. Take a first glance below.

Described as a chocolatey take on its miniature-sized cinnamon rolls, Chocolate BonBites are available in four-count and 16-count packs. The pricing begins at a reasonable $4.79 for the four-count pack. The cost of the larger box is currently not listed. According to the company’s press release, food lovers can get their hands on Chocolate BonBites at mall bakeries, Maverick, and Pilot Flying J Travel Center locations. People can also order the yummy snack on the new Cinnabon mobile app or through various food delivery platforms.

Speaking about the cinnamon-free treat, Cinnabon’s Chief Brand Officer Tracey Young said the Chocolate BonBites brings something familiar to guests. “Where we have our legendary dough and what we do really well, now we’re adding that chocolate twist to it,” she said in an interview with CNN Business. Chocolate has been on the company’s radar for years, with Young saying the flavor “always scores high, but even higher now,” prompting them to explore a chocolate-centric product. She added that the company is excited about bringing the product to its lineup after 35 years.


This isn’t Cinnabon’s first rode with new flavors. A version of Chocolate BonBites has been sold at the chain’s international locations in over 20 countries. This includes wide success in Spain, India, and the United Kingdom over the past few years. However, the local version has the added bonus of chocolate frosting, which is not featured in the international product. “Now that chocolate has become a little bit more relevant and forward with our guests, this is the best opportunity to introduce a limited-time offering,” Young said about the U.S launch.

Interestingly, chocolatey goodness already exists on Cinnabon’s menu. It makes a delicious appearance in several drinks and in Cookie BonBites – a treat that combines cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies. As such, Chocolate BonBites could become a permanent addition to the bakery’s menu if customers enjoy it. Young told CNN Business that other products were tested in its research, but this treat received the most praise, outscoring all the other options the eatery trialed.

Headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Cinnabon is owned by privately held Focus Brands. The parent company also controls other food court favorites like Auntie Anne’s and Carvel. Total sales across its roughly 1,000 US locations raked in $224 million last year, an increase of more than 35% compared to the year prior according to data from Technomic. Like other food joints, Cinnabon has been hit by inflation as commodity costs rise. Since their locations are largely franchised, some have opted to raise menu prices while others haven’t.