Business Can Save A Significant Amount Of Money By Choosing Macs Over Windows PCs, Here’s Why

Switching from Windows PC to Mac can save employers over $800 and contribute to workplace retention.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

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Apple is making a huge push into the business world with its Macs, including computer and enterprise licenses. In the business world, the Windows PC traditionally dominates. As Apple continues with tech layoffs, it has a plan to keep its business booming by infiltrating the corporate world by showing the C suite Macs save money. 

According to Computer World, Apple is reporting that business users will save $800 over three years if they switch to Macs. Traditionally, the business sector has been faithful to PCs with its reliance on Windows which is conducive to activities like writing and reporting–necessaries in the business world. 

In its updated enterprise website, Apple reports that using its M1 Macs (those outfitted with the newest M1 chip) will increase savings to $843 due to lower running costs, better residual value, security, flexibility, and employee engagement and retention. Yes, Apple is saying that if you give your employees a Mac, they’ll like working at your company more. 

Perhaps. And Apple recently came out with this gem of a fact too: 79% of participants in a study agreed they could not do their jobs as effectively without access to Macs. 97% believed that Macs improved their productivity and creativity. 

These days Macs aren’t just for creatives like designers and digital mavens. They are for anyone who wants a sleek business machine that can solve problems. In addition, a study found that when a company moves to Mac machines staff retention rates increase 20%. What accounts for that number? 

One can make the leap that when a company gives its workers Macs to use, there is a feeling that they are more valued. And feeling valued is a big reason why people stay at their jobs. During a time when many folks are feeling indifferent to work life, it’s important for a company to motivate and retain their talent.

According to recent reports, less tech support time and tickets are opened when a company chooses Apple products. This is simply because the Apple ecosystem is easier to navigate. 

Mac products rely on a smaller amount of vendors to perform each task. PCs also don’t last as long as Macs and have a much lower resale value. Employees report feeling more satisfied with a Mac than a PC because they are easier to use and there are fewer issues. 

MacBook users tend to feel more secure as there tend to be fewer Malware incidents at a company that uses Macs. In addition, the battery life is much longer giving those who have to use platforms like Zoom for long meetings more reasons to use Mac.

As Apple comes out with new products to protect itself from a recession, more business users will hopefully opt for Macs. Although the amount is larger at the start of the employee’s tenure, the less time and money used for additional training, malware attacks, hard-to-use interfaces, and IT tickets make that amount worth it. In addition, reports show that working on a Mac inspires personal satisfaction and pride in the outcome.