Desperate Woman Uses A Gun To Order Chipotle

By Rick Gonzales | 8 months ago


Police in northeast Philadelphia are searching for a woman who brandished a gun inside a Chipotle and demanded her food after an employee announced the restaurant was closing early.

This scary incident took place around 5 p.m. at the Chipotle inside the Roosevelt Mall. With limited staff, a troublesome and growing issue seen throughout the nation, the store manager asked an employee to close down the store early and in doing so, to tell the customers waiting inside that they would have to order their food online.

As you can see in the video below, the woman in the Chipotle line decided online ordering wasn’t going to work for her. Right after the employee made the announcement, the woman, who is seen with an unidentified man, calmly reaches into her purse and pulls out a gun. She then asks to see the store manager.

Seeing the gun, the employee immediately pressed the store’s security button to let mall security know there was trouble. The woman then told the Chipotle employee that if someone didn’t make her the food she ordered that she would be coming back and there would be a problem.

What’s truly terrifying about the situation is the nonchalant way the woman goes about her business of taking her gun out of her purse, then pointing it at the employee. The man standing next to her doesn’t seem to have an issue with her demands and gun. Even worse, though blurred out, is the family standing behind this woman that appears to have a young child with them. After the woman makes her demand, she then puts the gun back in her purse.

Another Chipotle worker then made the woman’s order but apparently, they were balking at handing it over. This is when you can see the woman engaged in conversation with someone off-camera. She then goes back into her purse and pulls out her gun once again. According to the police, the woman said, “Somebody better give me my food.”

woman gun

The woman was finally given her food order to get the hungry, gun-wielding woman out of the store. Both she and her accomplice took the food and left the store in an unknown direction.

It isn’t the first time this particular Chipotle was hit by robbers, though this lady only wanted food. A little over two years ago three masked men entered the restaurant shortly before 10 p.m. and walked away with $4,000.

According to the police, though, they believed the suspects were intending to hit the Popeyes next door but took advantage of a Chipotle employee taking out the garbage to make their move. At the time, there had been a rash of Popeye’s robberies taking place in the area.

gun hand

With two of the suspects armed, they went into Chipotle’s, announced to the six employees, store manager, and customers that they were being robbed. No one was hurt, no personal items were taken, only the money from the cash register and the safe. The three men suspected of all the Popeyes robberies were finally arrested.

The times we live in. The criminals are getting bolder, and it seems we are becoming numb to what’s going on around us. Stay vigilant, stay safe.

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