Chi Air Expert Review

If you are looking for something that might help you get you through a party without your hair getting all frizzy, then you are at the right place. Before the Chi Air Expert, I, myself, was in dire need of something like this. Being a curl head myself, I know how hard it is to tame your wild hair. Putting them in a bun is also no less than a mission impossible. Now, I don’t prefer straightening my hair a lot, nor am I encouraging anyone but come on, man! I have my days too. And sometimes I prefer going straight and silky over my textured hair and here comes my Chi Air Expert review.

chi air expert review

Chi Flat Irons

For those of you who are still trying to figure out what this Chi Air Expert is, it’s a Flat Iron for your hair. In the world of heat styling tools, only a few have survived the test of time. One of the most trusted brands of all time is Chi, standing out because of its superior technology each and every time. It did not just arise from the ashes in a day, it has taken a lot of amazing styling tools for Chi to be where it is today.

How to protect your hair?

I know heat styling your hair and having straight and silky hair is very tempting but let’s not forget the cost of it. The heat damages hair more than we can imagine. It’s almost impossible for girls to agree with not straightening (Been there, done that). So, we came across a mid-solution. It is always ideal to use products that not only straighten your hair more effectively but also protect them from the unnecessary heat that destroys them.

What makes the Chi stand out?

The best thing about Chi is how it was created specifically for effective and fast styling while also maintaining your hair health and texture. Anyone of flat iron can do its job but straightening while keeping in mind the health of your hair is one thing that Chi provides the customers with. They are actually made for professional use, which explains the salon-like quality of your hair every time you use a Chi Hair Straightener to straighten your hair. Chi, being one of the most favorite brands for salons, is also the number one choice for regular home users like you and me.


If you want to go for a hair straighter that has a wide range of temperatures, then this Chi Air Expert Classic Tourmaline is the choice for you. This straighter is a better version of a Chi Iron that has been here for around 20 years. The difference between this and the original model is the coating on the plates.

While the original model had ceramic plates, this model has tourmaline coated ceramic plates. The plates work just as great as the normal ceramic plates but they give an added efficiency of silkier and smoother hair.


Let’s have a look at some of the important features in this post for Chi Air Expert Review.

  • Temperature Control Settings

This Chi Air Expert has heat control on the inside so you don’t burn your hand while straightening. In addition to the wheel-controlled temperature setting, this straightener has an indicator that lights up when you have reached the right amount of heat.
The perfect straightener is the one that would straighten your dark, thick hair on the same temperature that it would straighten straight hair and not damage them excessively. So, go on and try this straightener on any hair type you want.

  • Tourmaline Coated Ceramic Plates

The tourmaline coated ceramic plates mentioned above adds to the silkiness of your hair. Tourmaline is basically a mineral or a gemstone that is crushed up and layered on the plates. Once it is hardened, it gives consistent heat and an incredibly smooth surface. The smoother the surface, the silkier the hair.

  • Quick and Effective

Straightening is a very tiring activity and also, if you need flawless hair you need to put extra time into it. But not with Chi. Chi is the best option if you hate putting a lot of time into it, this will straighten up your hair effectively in half the time that the other straighteners take. So, for someone who’s always on the go, what are you even waiting for now?

  • Versatility

Color might not matter to most of the people and it’s also not related to the functionality but it is nice to have an option to choose from so, chi gives you 5 different funky, amazing colors to choose from.

review of chi air expert

Why Choose This?

  • Great for Thick and Wild Hair

People with thick, curly or kinky hair have been prioritizing this straighter for years and not once have they looked back from this straightener. This chi Air reaches to 410 F, which is hot enough to straighten thick, curly hair without taking a long time.

  • Auto Shut-off

We all know the struggle of forgetting to switch off the straightener after we have done straightening, so this one comes with an auto shutoff after an hour.

Our Verdict: Chi Air Expert Review

The best thing about this model is how versatile it is. I know we only mentioned about straightening your hair, but this one is great for curling, flipping, bending and even for creating spirals. The capacity for different temperatures allows you to use it on different hair types.

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