Cell Phone Signals: The Best Ways To Jam Or Block Them

By Rick Gonzales and Staff | 10 months ago

Cell phones are with us everywhere. Eyes down, never up. We find more interest in what’s on a 6-inch screen versus the world around us. You’re not just watching them, though, they’re also watching you. Your cell phone is tracking you, your cell phone is listening to you and some phones even keep doing it after you shut them off. To get real freedom from smart phones you’ll need a cell phone jammer; or if you just want to block your phone from reporting on you, a Faraday cage.

Wait? What are those? We’re here to help. Embrace freedom with our guide to the best way to shut down phones using Cell Phone Jammers and Faraday Cages.


Named for Michael Faraday, its inventor, a Faraday cage is an enclosure which blocks magnetic fields. They can be any size, but we don’t recommend building one around your entire house. You only need one big enough to fit your phone in. What you need is a Faraday bag.

Faraday bags are a wallet or pouch that shields devices from outside signals in order to prevent data from being manipulated, deleted, or added to your cell phone (as well as laptops and key fobs). These bags are key in not allowing one to be tracked through their cell phones but also are key in combating cyber dangers.

A Faraday bags also block the radiation given off by the devices we can’t put down. It’ll keep you off the grid if you put your cell phone in one.


Many think that turning off their phone, powering down their laptop, or unplugging from the wall is the simple solution. Wrong. To truly be free from an attack, a hack, or a track, the only sure bet is to remove the battery from your device.

As we all know, every cell phone in existence comes with a battery that can’t be removed. So, turning off your newest Apple or android will not result in optimum safety or security.

So, with all this in mind, let’s delve into some of the top-rated Faraday bags on the market.


ConcealShield Travel Pouch by DefenderShield

Cell Phone Signal Blocker

One of the best solutions for hacking and tracking ills is called the ConcealShield Travel Pouch by DefenderShield. Not only is this bag big enough to carry one’s phone, but it offers different pockets that serve a specific purpose while at the same time blocking your phone from sending and receiving signals.

The ConcealShield Travel Pouch is built with military-grade level EMF (electromagnetic field) shielding. This gives the owner of the bag the ability to block any incoming or outgoing cell phone signals from Mobile, GPS, WiFi, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, or any other wireless technologies.

You can place your phone, as well as a driver’s license, credit cards, or passports inside the bag’s innermost pocket, and they will be rendered undetectable and untrackable.

Another nice feature this bag offers is if you still wish to allow your phone to be of use, you can place it inside the outer pocket. This pocket will continue to protect you from harmful radiation but allow the phone to send and receive data.

Mission Darkness Dry Shield Faraday Tote

Cell phone bag

If you wish to carry bigger items or more of them, then you may wish to choose the Mission Darkness Dry Shield Faraday Tote. This tote features 15L of space, it is waterproof for the adventurous type, and since it is a Faraday bag, it also blocks RF signals as well as any cell phone signals.

Size and space are the keys for this Faraday bag as the Mission Darkness brand allows for laptops, tablets, and mobile phones to fit with ease. The bag is made with two layers of shielding fabric that will keep any device inside free from hackers and trackers as well as stopping EMF radiation from escaping and doing damage to your body.

The outside pocket on this tote is made of clear plastic and purposely see-through and can hold such items as one’s ID for easy access. This outside pocket is the only thing on this tote that is not shielded.

Armadillo Faraday Cage RF Blocking Pouch

cell phone signal blocker

Maybe you are looking for something a bit smaller in stature but still large enough for your phone and key fobs. The Armadillo Faraday Cage RF Blocking Pouch could be what you’re in the market for. Made of material that will not allow hackers to grab any of your private data as well as provide protection from any of that nasty radiation.

There are no frills when it comes to this smaller pouch, but it does the job of blocking cell phone signals effectively. It offers a magnetic lock closure with a single Velcro fold that will provide complete security.

Silent Pocket

Faraday pouch

Finally, there is the Silent Pocket. This bag offers a removable strap to its medium size. This simply designed bag is capable of blocking cell phone signals, GPS, RFID, WiFi, and Bluetooth signals as well as offering protection against EMF radiations.

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While this bag is similar to the others, what is different about the Silent Pocket is that it has one pocket that blocks all types of signals and radiations while another pocket will block out specifically RFID and NFC signals.


cell phone jammer

If you’re looking to shut down not just your cell phone, but all the cell phones around you, then a simple Faraday cage won’t do. You’ll need to step up to the next level, and get a cell phone signal jammer. The FCC isn’t a fan, but proponents of this jamming technology find quite useful. Parents in particular, are using them to get their kids off their phones.

Let’s be clear though. While in some countries cell phone signal jammers are fine, in the United States of America they are technically illegal. The FCC has outlawed them because they have the ability to interfere with critical public communications. Signal jammers virtually shut down all radio frequencies in their general area, meaning no 9-1-1 calls or any other emergency calls. They can also interfere with law enforcement communications as well.

The proper use of one of these, let’s say around the house, will virtually shut down any line of communication. If the intended purpose was to stop little Johnny or Betsy from Tik Toking or Snap Chatting or Instagraming while Tweeting, then a home jammer will be their worst enemy.

Just remember, the home jammer doesn’t play favorites. If it takes out Johnny and Betsy’s ability to jump on social media, it will also take out yours. It’s also not legal to have them, so even though there are ways to buy cell phone signal jammers, you might not want to get involved with them. Forewarned is forearmed.


Because they’re illegal in the United States, you won’t be easily be able to buy a cell phone signal jammer if you’re located there. That means if you’re trying to block your kids from using their cell phones, your best bet is probably just to buy a nice looking lock box like this one…

…and throw your kids’ phones in it when you don’t want them using them. It won’t block their cell phone signals, but it will keep your kids from using them.

Or, if you have particularly determined children, go with something a little more hardcore. Something they can’t break into like this…