A Burger King Worker Was Shot Dead In New York City For An Appalling Reason

By Whitney White | 4 months ago

burger king shooting

Officials from the New York Police Department released facts about a Burger King shooting investigation that led to the arrest of the suspected gunman, Winston Glynn, 30. Glynn allegedly killed a 19-year-old Burger King cashier, Kristal Bayron-Nieves, in East Harlem. During a press conference covering the case, Chief of Detectives James Essig stated Kristal Bayron-Nieves was attempting to cooperate with the gunman’s demands. Essig goes on to say, “She was murdered for no apparent reason.” 

Glynn was found responsible for the Burger King shooting thanks to a combination of old-school detective procedures and cutting-edge technology, according to NYPD officials. Law enforcement officials were able to pinpoint Glynn’s location to a building on Patchen Avenue in Brooklyn, where he was apprehended and charged with multiple offenses. Some of his charges include murder, robbery, criminal use of a gun, and criminal use of a weapon. 

When the Burger King shooting incident occurred, Glynn allegedly pistol-whipped the manager with a gun and took her phone after demanding money from the register. As the worker was trying to comply, he then apparently shot her. Even though the apparel that the shooter was wearing was non-descript, police were able to match a distinctive “Guess” belt the shooter was wearing to one Glynn was wearing in an Instagram photo. An EBT card used by Glynn after the tragic incident also linked him to the scene and time of the shooting. 

Glynn is thought to have escaped the scene of the Burger King shooting by riding the number 6 subway train that takes passengers from 116th Street to 110th Street. When he got off the subway at 110th Street, police say he then went into a store and used his EBT card to buy a drink instead of utilizing the money from the robbery. By getting the information from the EBT card purchase, police were able to leverage modern technology to track Glynn down in Queens near Kennedy Airport.  Glynn’s location was at a Day’s Inn, which is presently being utilized as a shelter. Police then followed him until they were able to make an arrest. 

Mayor Eric Adams was present at a news briefing regarding the case and applauded the investigators’ efforts surrounding the Burger King shooting. “These detectives understood that Kristal wasn’t just a number,” said Adams. “They operated in a professional manner and brought this killer to justice.”

Even though Mayor Adams is pleased with the efforts of the police, Bayron-Nieves’ mother continues to plead for more justice regarding the Burger King shooting. She recently pleaded with Burger King to improve worker safety and asked the judge of the case to give a life sentence to Glynn as punishment. “This person took my life [my daughter]; I don’t want him out of jail again; maybe my daughter isn’t the first person to die this way, but I want my daughter to be the last,” the mother said, through a translator.

The family attorney in the Burger King shooting case is Sanford Rubenstein. He recently made a statement revealing that the family is “now look[ing] to the prosecutors in this case to convict this perpetrator and to the judge in the case to sentence him to life in prison. Rubenstein is also considering whether the family should sue Burger King, the property owner, and anybody else liable for the establishment’s security. 

According to FBI numbers, the restaurant industry ranks eighth for the most likely site for Americans to be attacked. The Burger King Shooting falls right in line with those statistics. Residential homes were found to be the most likely location for a violent crime. In second is an alley or roadway. Also among the top eight spots are parking garages and convenience stores.