One Business Is Helping To Personalize The Online Shopping Experience

By Joseph Farago | 3 months ago


Bloomreach, now worth $2.2 billion, is changing consumers’ online experience with shopping. By aiding a plethora of worldwide retailers, this powerful enterprise is helping average shoppers find the products they want quicker. Bloomreach is an undeniable trailblazer in the online shopping market, providing customizable options for retailers.

CEO of Bloomreach, Raj De Datta, likens his company’s process to Spotify’s recommendation services. De Datta commented on the normalcy of Spotify, which recommends music based on the songs you previously listened to. This process is similar to how Bloomreach operates. Bloomreach provides retailers with information based on consumption history, allowing these retailers to personalize the experience to the customer.

Today, Bloomreach has offered services to more than 800 businesses, a number that will surely grow in 2022. It’s expected the company will add 150 new clients per fiscal quarter, exceeding previous financial predictions. Bloomreach plans to expand its clientele to other countries in Asia and Europe, as well.

Bloomreach had a massively successful year in 2021. Its revenue grew 63% year by year since its inception and ended 2021 with a whopping $177 million annual recurring revenue. The ARR economic measure shows how much a company is predicted to receive from its subscribers every year. Its ARR is expected to keep increasing as the company expands overseas.

Bloomreach’s rapid client increase in 2021 may be due to its release of new features. Its latest feature, Bloomreach Content, helps marketers and merchandisers collaborate on online shopping experiences and improve them for potential buyers. The company implemented this mode for quick, reliable communication between marketing groups and their retailers.

Bloomreach Content includes many commerce-specific tools, improving the ability for companies to create dynamic web pages. With quick page creation, in-page product merchandising, customizable landing pages, and more, Bloomreach provides clients with better tools to advance their e-commerce traffic. This newest technology has also been integrated with popular virtual storefronts like Vue Storefront, React Storefront 8, and Sap Spartacus.

With all the buzz around Bloomreach’s innovation, it received some substantial overdue funding last year. Goldman Sachs invested $175 million into the company, while other corporate groups like Bain Capital Ventures continued their existing sponsorship. The relatively new Bloomreach has received $42o million in cumulative funding. With an enormous paradigm shift surrounding the necessity of e-commerce personalization, huge enterprises now want to invest in this accelerating market.

Though many companies want to cash in on providing personalized shopping experiences to consumers, Bloomreach still holds the most advanced technology. It has the most extensive data sets out of any tech company in this field, allowing them to understand online consumerism trends faster. Since there’s been a significant shift from in-person to online purchasing during the pandemic, Bloomreach has capitalized on this to further its company’s personalization abilities.

Though many consumers might not have heard of Bloomreach yet, companies everywhere are starting to utilize it to further their e-commerce sales. Personalization is a futuristic trend that has already been integrated with many social media applications, followed slowly by online retailers. As more online browsing becomes personalized, the company will continue to grow its services and revenue.