Best Shoulder pads For Quarterbacks

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American football is widely played and greatly enjoyed by all the audience. It’s a sport every guy dreams to be a part of, but yet it’s not easy. The team comprises of eleven members. Players are required to be equipped with helmet, shoulder pad, and kneepads for protection while playing. The most important player in the team is a quarterback, and also the player most prone to injuries. To protect from injuries, best shoulder pads for quarterbacks are available in stores and online.

Shoulder pads mainly serve two purposes. Firstly they give protection against traumatic injuries during the game. Secondly, they work as shock absorbers and also distribute shock through a large area, putting less pressure on point of impact. Shoulder pads can be categorized into cantilevered and non-cantilevered. Cantilevered are larger in size, used by players with more physical positions example linemen. Whereas, non-cantilevered are light and flexible. Therefore, ideal for quarterbacks. With lightweight and flexibility, shoulder pads give increased mobility for throwing motion. The best shoulder pads for quarterbacks are listed below.

Product NamePrice
Schutt Sports XV HD Click HereGoodYes
Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0 Click HereGoodYes
BARNETT Vision Click HereGoodOk
CHAMPRO AMT-2000Click HereGoodOk
Schutt Mid Flex 4.0Click HereOkYes
Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0Click HereOkYes


Schutt Sports XV HD 

Schutt Sports XV HD review

These are used by most national players and are a definite recommendation by them. Not only do the Company’s products serve its purpose fully but they are devoid of any flaws. Schutt Sports XV is an all-purpose should pad, which can be used by a variety of players on the field let it be a lineman or a quarterback. It has a specific longer cut to accommodate multiple athletes and shield against injuries.

The high-performance design serves various purposes. Lightweight gives increased flexibility to the player and it becomes easier to focus on the game. High-density EVA foam provides both durability and absorption, taking the impact of the shock. Moreover, it contains raised corrugations for additional strength and airflow. Ventilated arches mean no sweat odor. And since shoulder pads are barely washed, that’s a big-time advantage.

Some people complained about not getting the desired look or not framing them well. But these were very few complaints. The functionality which is the main purpose of the pad is actually delivered. All in all, it is a well-padded adjustable shoulder pad at a mid-range price and indeed the best in the market.

Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0 

Schutt Sports Varsity FLEX 4.0 review

Do you need comfort and protection both during your football game? Well, Schutt Sports Varsity Flex 4 is the best shoulder pad for quarterbacks. Not just quarterbacks it fits all the players on the field perfectly. Which is why it comes with two options, skill position, and all-purpose.

Furthermore, it is an effective companion in combating with heat and moisture produced during the sport, by possessing breathable arch vents, that enable maximum airflow. The sudden burst of energy can heat up the body and it energy is not quickly dissipated it can lead to confusion and lower performance. A pad that ventilates Flex 4 can save you from this problem. As a player, you can focus on the game and not worry about indirect effects induced by an overheated body.

Shoulder pads by Schutt promise full protection in the field, and the padding enables shock absorbance with good comfort. However, some players have come forward with the complaints that they are not good for line backs, and a few others complained of receiving faulty pieces. This issue was fixed by the company. But if you are searching for good fitting and super comfy shoulder pads, Schmitt Sports Varsity Flex 4 is the answer.


BARNETT Vision review

Barret vision comes with heavy-duty nylon that provides comfort and secures the individual from injuries. For those who keep nylon as a preferred material, it is the best option in the market. It takes the impact well with maximum protection from injuries during a collision with other players in the game.

This shoulder pad is designed for skill position and gives relative ease of motion. Flexibility greatly helps to improve the performance during the game. The flexible properties of nylon will help quick strong stretchy movements also it comes handy to quickly drip off the sweat.

Along with these qualities, ABS shell is present with dual density PU foam working as a shock absorber. Compared to other companies Barret is not very famous. Moreover, it gives a sharp squad hump look by not fitting flat at the back, which is very unpleasant to the sight. This is a major turnoff for many players. Otherwise, the product owns some remarkable qualities.


CHAMPRO AMT-2000 review

High-quality Champro AMT-2000 is an amazing option for shoulder pads. The most attractive feature is the clavicle built-in pads that give increased protection along with adjustable or removable deltoid pads that influence AC (acromioclavicular) joint relief.

As a doctor I know the AC injuries are most common in the field, and this is being specifically addressed by the company. Air management is varied by a removable liner system so that there is no rash after you take off the shoulder pad. Hence, after profuse sweating during the game no adverse effects are seen on the body.

Moreover, the buckle hookup system ensures that it gives a perfect fit. A perfect fit is very important in the sense that you are not distracted during the game, which could possibly influence the game score. However, the only drawback is that it is available in adult sizes. Champion AMT is a highly recommended product as defensive wear in football.

 Schutt Mid Flex 4.0

Schutt Mid Flex 4.0 review

Due to continuous sweating during the game, the body gets rashes. Sweat is the perfect medium for bacteria to grow and mold, as they get moisture and warmth both. Addressing this issue Mid Flex 4.0 has been designed and is filled with an antimicrobial solution to combat bacteria.

Ensuring improved hygiene, and reduced chances of infection. To keep you cool, the vest is breathable. Not only this, but it also comes with the quality to give a perfect fit and an overall sportsman look.

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The main purpose of the shoulder pad is protection and freedom of movement, both of which have been taken care of by the manufacturers. It is indeed the best shoulder pad for quarterbacks. However, it is also suitable for other members of the team.

A few buyers complained of not getting the desired size, about which the company has instructed to look at the size chart before placing an order. The remarkable attribute of cooling down and fighting against bacteria in this shoulder pad is unbeatable.  Therefore, Schutt Mid Flex 4.0 is my number one choice.

Schutt Sports Y-Flex 4.0

best shoulder pads for quarterbacks

My personal favorite quality is that Y flex comes in a range of sizes, not just my 11-year-old nephew but my 22 years old brother can fit in it well. Not only did the size make it my preference but it has all the attributes that make a shoulder pad perfect as a protective coat. It is lightweight, easy to carry and can be used in a variety of sports. Less weight enables an increased range of motion, and less sweating affecting individual player performance. Dual-density padding and breathable vent holes provide shock absorbance and a cooling down mechanism. The elastic belt is convenient to adjust for a perfect fit and get the desired quarterback look.

Another good part is that it is budget-friendly. I don’t think there is anything more, an individual can look for in shoulder pads. Cooling down, flexibility, impact taking, and protection, everything is covered in just one shoulder pad. What do you need to win? A perfect dose of enthusiasm coupled with some sportsman spirit. One of the best shoulder pads for quarterbacks.

The shoulder pad is an essential part of American football. It is very important to ensure that you are fully protected so that you give the best performance during the match without the fear of injury.



An essential to football players are shoulder pads. Due to the increased demand, a lot of companies offer a variety of them. It might be difficult to choose which one would serve its purpose right and will be able to give value to the money spent.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before the purchase. These shall aid you in selecting the best shoulder pads for quarterbacks.

LIGHTWEIGHT: the main attribute a shoulder pad for quarterbacks must own is lightweight. It is convenient to wear it under the jersey and helps you perform well. Heavier and bulkier pads can have a negative influence over the game score. They can make movement difficult and for games dependent on players’ quick response it can lower overall team performance.

PROTECTION: the primary purpose of a shoulder pad is the protection of arms and chest. Make sure the product you are buying covers you properly and is thick enough to shield from any damage to the body.

MOBILITY/FLEXIBILITY: increased flexibility provides the ease to throw the ball, which is proportionally related to mobility one is offered with the shoulder pad. When choosing a shoulder pad. Make sure it enables you to have a full range of motion.

GOOD AIRFLOW: good airflow available through vent holes and breathable technology enables a shoulder pad to manage the heat. Immense heat is produced during the game, along with sweat, a good airflow keeps a player cooled down and non-itchy. Some shoulder pads also come with antimicrobial prevention benefits to prevent players from body rash after prolonged wear of shoulder pads.

WELL PADDED: in order to ensure the shoulder pad also works as shock-absorber, it must come well padded. This causes less pressure and spreads the force, along with the provision of comfort to wear.

PERFECT FIT: last and most important factor is to fit perfectly in your shoulder pad using buckles, hoops or elastic. A perfectly fitted shoulder pad causes no trouble during the game and it becomes easier to handle the ball. Moreover, it gives a good sportsman look.


As compared to other players on the team, yes different. These shoulder pads are lightweight and more flexible for increased mobility when throwing the ball. Bulkier and bigger shoulder pads are available for other players in the team.


Since quarterbacks are the main players in a team they are suspectable to injuries. These injuries are mostly related to the upper body, which is why shoulder pads are used for protection.

Around 82% of all the injuries occur due to trauma. These traumatic injuries commonly affect the AC joint between clavicle and scapula, as a result of tackling and colliding with opponent members of the team. Shoulder dislocation and labral tear are less common. Moreover, the contribution of the deltoid, rotator cuffs, scapular stabilizer muscles is seen. Fractures are very rare to find.

The other 15% of injuries are a result of overuse of muscles. Rotator cuff tendinitis and bicep tendinitis are found, with damage to tendons. This inflammation can be treated with rest, NSAIDs and rehabilitation.

Most of us have heard of sprains that affect connective tissue whereas Strains affect Muscles in throwing related injuries.

What Shoulder pads do NFL quarterbacks wear?

Along with other protective equipment such as helmet and kneepads, Quarterbacks wear Flak Jacket that hangs from shoulder pads and protects the ribcage. However, most quarterbacks wear and recommend Schutt shoulder pads. Schutt offers the best shoulder pads for quarterbacks.