Best Rug Pads For Hardwood Floor

By Mahrukh Khan | Published

We all are fond of decorating our houses. Ceiling and flooring add up as the major to be considered with the house renovation. To give the flooring a touch of class, most people prefer hardwood floor. And to protect the floor best rug pads for hardwood floor are offered by RugpadUSA.

Hardwood flooring is an everlasting trend and goes about with all sort of furniture. But sometimes the brown floor can turn out to be a little boring. Another issue is that the wooden floor is quite expensive to be laid down and even more challenging to maintain. A brilliant idea to sort both of these problems is to use rugs. But wouldn’t rugs wear down the engineered flooring? Well yes, that’s a difficult one. But to protect the floor and add beauty, Rug Pads underneath are the best option. The best rug pads for hardwood flooring are available on Amazon according to the needs.

Rugs pads prolong the life of your rug and floor both. In the market, two types of rug pads are readily available. The grip pads help to stabilize the slippery rug, which could make you trip. Meanwhile, the cushioned rug pads are ideal for laying down or sitting for long hours. Here is a range of rug pads made out of different materials, and possessing different qualities to match with your requirements. Some are budget-friendly, whereas others are environmentally friendly.

List: Best Rug Pads For Hardwood Floor

NamePriceMaterialGrip/ComfortWater Resistance
CLOUD COMFORTClick HereFoamComfort
DURAHOLD PLUSClick HereRubberGripNo
DUAL SURFACEClick HereRubberBothNo
ANCHORGRIPClick HereRubberBothNo
Carpenter Viso-Elastic MemoryClick HereFoamComfortYes
Mohawk Home Dual SurfaceClick HereRubberBothNo




Do you want increased cushioning under your mat? Does lying down on the floor or sitting down on rug hurt your glutes? RugpadUSA has got the solution with Cloud comfort. It is an ultimate go-to product if you need a small mattress under your rug to provide you with great comfort. Indeed one of the best rug pad for hardwood flooring.

Cushioning isn’t the only benefit provided by Cloud comfort. It can be placed on floors of all types including tiles, laminated and concrete flooring. The product is water-resistant, odourless and sounds proof. These three qualities mean that no spillage reaches the floor, and the floor is 100% protected from any liquid. Low VOC value and devoid of adhesives, make it odourless. And lastly, the insulating property acts to absorb sound.

RUGPADUSA comes with an offer to customize the size and shape. However, the standard size and shape that is usually sold is 8 x 10 with ½ or ¼ inches thickness. You can make the purchase in this size only and trim it according to your desired size, as scissors work perfectly well on it. Make sure you always keep it one inch shorter than your rug.

Your child’s crawling is safer than ever, and your pet has found a place to lie all day. It’s easy to vacuum, and so cleanliness is no way affected. However, I have found it a little slippery. Not very much, it just doesn’t give a solid grip. Thus, using velco strips is much helpful as this con can be eradicated.

Moreover, a lot of people have complained about the cost. In my opinion, it’s a one-time investment that goes a long way. So spending money is worth it.



I am a doctor with an artistic personality and I love to decorate my house with my innovative ideas. Also I believe rugs add a shine to your living room and help protect the hardwood floor. I got myself a stunning rug for the living room. Being a doctor, I was aware that if any one of the family member accidentally trips over, he ends up in the hospital with a broken hip bone. To address the problem, I bought myself a rug pad, Durahold plus. It arrived within two days solving my problem in a few minutes.

Durahold Plus is a gripping rug pad made with 100% rubber. Due to its rubber manufacturing, I can call it eco friendly. The grip on the floor has been so excellent, that I have never witnessed any fall nor any wrinkles. I wanted to place the edges of my sofa, to protect my floor from furniture marks. And my purpose was fulfilled, when I moved the carpet a year later, there were neither furniture marks nor any rubber shedding. My floor was as new as I left it a year back.

Apart from this, the product comes with no odour quality. And personally, I have never detected any bad odour from the carpet. I had such a good experience that two years later I ordered again and there was no difference in the quality. In fact, this time, I paid attention to the customized size offer and got it cut into an oval for my oval-shaped rug.

Durahold plus is one of the best choices, but I felt one sure about a factor. I don’t think it’s entirely water-resistant and if you spill way too much beverage, your beautiful floor might be exposed to damage. In case of spillage, try to clean it immediately. However, I strongly believe Durahold Plus is the best hardwood rug pad available in town without a single doubt!

RUGPADUSA Dual surface

RUGPADUSA Dual Surface review

As the name indicates, RUGPADUSA dual surface has dual properties; it offers to cushion and firm gripping to the floor. However, if you desire to take only cushioning, then that is separately available too. It was easy for me to choose the thickness of the rug pad since it has four options.

When I unwrapped the packaging, I could smell no adhesives because it is made with 100% recycled material. The purchase has made me happier than ever. Not only did it work on my hardwood living room floor, but the tiled floor in the kid’s bedroom had no slippage issue either. Making this product suitable for all floors. I have had no issues with cleaning either; the rug pads are no bother to the vacuum cleaning.

It has a reasonable price that lasts for long. However, one thing that bothers me is that is is not waterproof and the floor might get stained. I have personally made sure no spillage occurs, and if there, I immediately clean and dry it. So that’s a precaution to be followed. Otherwise Dual surface is a two in one option and one of the best rug pad for hardwood flooring.


rugpadusa anchorgrip review

I was recently attracted at a home store by a thin rug that exactly matched my curtains. I couldn’t resist and bought it for my hardwood floor. However, when I brought it and laid it down, the rug turned out a little slippery. That’s when I realized to get a Rug pad and got myself Anchorgrip. Anchorgrip grips the floor so well with its rubber back and cushioned layer on top, that the daily wear and tear is no more a problem. No wrinkling is ever seen, as compared with other rug pads nor has any slippage been witnessed.

The thickness makes it an insulator and also works to absorb sound. Moreover, it has excellent quality and comes with a ten-year warranty. Since I am using it with a thin rug, it gets dirty every few months. To clean it I use a damp cloth.

However, I found it more expensive than the rug itself. And there I have no clue if it resists water. But if it lasts long, the cost wouldn’t make a difference. It’s a definite recommendation from my side.

Carpenter Viso-Elastic Memory

Carpenter Visco- Elastic Memory review

I needed a layer of comfort between my feet and the hardwood floor since I have arthritis. I discussed it with a friend whose recommendation has made my living room rug no less than a mattress to rest my feet on. It’s so soft that my dog loves to lie here all day long.

I was a little concerned about it being a pollutant, but it’s made with no CFC’s satisfying me as a good citizen. Furthermore, the rug pad protects my floor in two ways. Firstly it has a spill guard moisture barrier, even if my dog has an accident I don’t have to worry about it. Secondly, my floor is protected, and I get an extra insulation layer.

But what has left me as a bit of unhappy customer is the fact that it came in two pieces and to trim it was a major struggle. We managed it somehow, but then we had the slippage issue. To anchor the floor I added velco strips which were a major help, and we never faced the same problem again. Some buyers reported that it isn’t water-resistant and easily rips off at the edges. Thankfully, I have not experienced anything as such since the last couple of years. It’s definitely something; I would like to buy again.

Mohawk Home Dual Surface

best rug pads for hardwood floors

We had an accident in our dining room last summer, where a guest slipped because of the rug and broke his elbow. The incident left me so embarrassed that the very next day, I searched and ordered Mohawk Home Dual produced by my favourite home store Mohawk.

Carpets usually have more grip over the surface, but rugs add more beauty. Never did I know, the additional decoration could turn out to be this dangerous. The packaging wasn’t attractive at all. It came folded in a box, so I was disappointed at first. I laid it down, and it gripped the tiled floor quite well. My floor was now protected, so were my children from falling and hurting themselves.

I have now shifted the rug to my living room under the common table. So every time one of my naughty boys makes a lot of noise or drop cutlery there isn’t much noise. The rug pad is very easy to be cleaned with a vacuum and reduces wear and tear. Since it’s in our daily use, I can say that with 100% guaranty. It also has four ranges of thickness; you can choose from.

I once decided to change the furniture settings, and I found no marks on the floor with the removal of the table because of the rug pad. Moreover, my children spill a lot of beverages, but my floor had no stains of that either. This made me a happy customer to let go of the wrinkling and small bumps that were there since day 1. As this had caused none of us any damage, so I chose to accept it. Apart from this, it’s the best rug pad suitable for floors of all kind.



Are rug pads necessary?

Yes, for two important reasons. Firstly, it helps to protect the floor from external damage and stain. Secondly, it gives rugs a firm grip, thus preventing one from slipping or tripping.

 What are rug pads for?

Rug pad protects the hardwood floor from wearing off. It also helps to protect it. The grip rug pad can further help by preventing tripping over or sliding. In contrast, the cushion rug pad is extremely comfortable for laying down, sitting or standing for an extended period of times.

 How do rug pads work?

They form a protective layer between the floor and the rug. They work by gripping the floor and providing you with safety and comfort.

 Can rug pads be washed?

Most of the rug pads are water-resistant, in case you find them dirty or spill something its best to wipe them clean with a paper towel or damp cloth. However, if you wish to wash them gentle hand washing with little detergent can be handy.

 What rug pads are safe for hardwood floors?

Rubber rug pads are recommended for a hardwood floor because they are natural and do not cause any damage at all. However, suitable synthetic rug pads provide grip and protection to the floor.

 Can rug pads damage wood floors?

Some people have complained about the plastic rug pads to cause damage. However, this damage was noticed after being in the same place for five years or more. If rug pads are cleaned every few weeks, and the floor is wiped off or polished the chances can significantly reduce

 How long do rug pads last?

Rug pads give a 10-15 years warranty. This means a little spent to keep your floor safe goes a long way.

 How to tape rug pads together?

Number 1 rule is to make sure that your rug pad is much smaller than the rug itself. Mark the place where you plan to place your rug with the help of a ruler and tape. The next step is to roll over the rug pad within the boundaries you have marked. After if you feel that the rug might not fit well or to give more fixation duct tape would be a help to grip the two. Otherwise, most people do not use any duct tape at all. This way the rug pad lies exactly below the rug, keeping it firmly into place.

Rug pads which side down / which way do rug pads go / rug pads which side up?

The flat side of the pad is placed up meeting the rug. Whereas, the rough part is laid against floor, to prevent it from scratching.


Here is a list of factors to consider when you are buying a rug pad. If you make sure to consider these bullets, your money will serve the right purpose. A good quality rug pad easily lasts for more than ten years.

Comfort or griping: the primary purpose of a rug pad is to protect the expensive flooring. But sometimes, it can be hard for your foot soles. Other times, most slippage accidents happen because of rugs. To sort that out, rug pads have two categories. Cushioning rug pads provide great comfort. This allows sitting, playing, lying or standing for hours and still being in comfort. Cushioning rug pads should be considered for indoors. Whereas, gripping rug pads help to avoid falling accidents. They are a good option for outdoor flooring. They anchor the floor so well that the rug doesn’t move an inch, and the decorated house remains a safe place.

Correct size: the most significant factor is always to have the rug pad, 1-2 inches lesser in less than the rug itself. This measure reduces the chances of rug pad edges being worn off, and nothing is visible underneath the rug either.

Correct thickness: rug must not look much thickened; otherwise, it is an unpleasant sight or causes tripping over. Most of the rug pads offer a range of thicknesses to choose from, place an order accordingly. A thicker rug pad for a thinner or hand-knotted rug whereas a thinner, rug pad for a thicker rug, is a recommendation.

Type of floor: most rug pads are suitable for floors of all kind. However, tiles are a lot more slippery, so a gripping rug pad is a better option. Moreover, it’s always best to tell the seller about the type of floor you have.

Additional benefits: 

  • Protection of floor
  • prolonged life of the rug
  • boosts cleanliness, easier to vacuum
  • shock and sound absorber
  • extra insulating layer