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There is an abundance of fountain pens in the market, so it’s normal to get confused by the number of brands and products. If you’re a new user of a fountain pen, you might be looking for a way to get started. And for all the folks who are new to writing, we would like to advise that just stick to the basics. By that, we men stick to any reputable brand such as the Lamy. The best Lamy fountain pens are ideal for getting started.

The Lamy fountain pens are perfect in all terms, such as features, reputation, quality, and more. The Lamy fountain pens are not only suitable for beginners but also for the experts. And in this guide, we will discuss the top-rated fountain pens by the most trusted brand Lamy.

Pen NamePriceNib MaterialBody MaterialPoint Type
 Lamy 2000
Click HereGoldPolycarbonate MakralonExtra Fine
 LAMY Studio
Click HereSteel nib, polished.MetalFine
 LAMY Brushed Stainless Steel
Click HereSteel nib, polished.Brushed steelFine
Click HereSteel nibAnodized aluminumMedium
 Lamy CP1
Click HereSteel nib, polished.Stainless SteelExtra Fine
 LAMY Lx Live
Click HereSteelAluminumFine
 Lamy AL-Star
Click HereSteel nib, polished.AluminumFine
 Lamy Safari
Click HereSteel nib, BlackABS colored plastic bodyFine

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

best lamy fountain pen review

This Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen gives the premium start to our list of best fountain pens. The quality of this Lamy 2000 fountain pen is exceptionally high. As for the weight, it weighs more than the other Lamy pens, but in spite of its weight, you can comfortably use it for long hours.

The Lamy 2000 fountain pen features a perfect blend of stainless steel and fiberglass. The Lamy 2000 is a luxury fountain right from nib to end. The nib of this fountain pen comes in extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad. So, you can use it is suitable for whatever you are writing.

Now comes the most prominent feature of this fountain pen, this Lamy classic fountain pen features the 14-karat gold nib and platinum coating. In this way you can rest assured that you are buying nothing but the highest quality, writing pen. Overall, the performance of this pen surpasses in every department, right from its soft grip to writing comfort.

The only downside of this excellent writing tool (yes it has!) is that since it is piston filled and you cannot use it with ink cartridges. So, look out for that before buying.

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen review

The Lamy Studio fountain pen stands at the second spot on this list. This Lamy studio fountain pen is sharp. The finishing of the pen is striking. Available in some really cool colors, this Studio fountain pen looks amazing and professional. The design of the clip is unique, and the plastic grip of the pen is quite comfortable. The grip is soft and attractive, as well.

As for the construction, the body of the pen features stainless steel. Overall, it is a well-made and durable writing tool. In long writing tasks, the pen is quite comfortable to use. As stated above, the fountain pen feels soft in hand, and the weight of the pen is perfect, especially for long writing hours.

The nib of this Lamy Studio fountain pen is the same as you will find in Lamy’s Safari Pen. The nib is also made of steel. However, you can change the nib to gold if you want to. But we find the steel nib perfect to use.

The only issue that we faced in this fountain pen is that as it is sharp, it can scratch the paper if not used with care.

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen, Brushed Stainless Steel

LAMY Brushed Stainless Steel review

The Lamy Studio L65EF features the right weight and feels comfortable while you are writing with it. The comfortable and soft grip of the pen allows you to work for hours without getting tired. And to double the pleasure, the extra-fine nib of the pen is smooth and appealing.

The steel nib is highly durable, and as compared with other top fountain pen brands, it is much better. The nib features the same quality that you will find in other expensive models. It works flawlessly on all types of paper. No matter for how many hours you are using it, the grip and nib will keep you from getting tired.

The light-weight of the pen also adds to its overall performance. Unlike some other models, that make you tired and bored, this Lamy fountain pen allows you to enjoy your writing tasks.

Some of you might argue that it gets heavy, but it is not much heavy, and overall, it is good for the pen. When the back of the gets heavy, there is a weight on the nib, and it allows the pen to glide smoothly.

The only issue in this Lamy Studio fountain pen is that the ink might get build inside the lid, which can affect your shirt pocket or hands.


Lamy LX FNTN PEN RAU review

At first sight, this Lamy LX looks exactly like Lamy’s Al-star fountain pen. But there are a few differences between these two pens. Overall, it is a luxury product by the Lamy franchise.

The LAMY Lx fountain pen comes in four vibrant and attractive colors. These colors are ruthenium, palladium, gold, and rose-gold.

This luxury and stylish fountain pen is delicately crafted from high-quality aluminum with refined anodized finishing. The weight of the pen is quite light.

To make things much interesting and beautiful, this Lamy Lx Fountain Pen comes in a lovely aluminum casing. The case in which this luxurious fountain pen comes is of the same color as of the pen to maintain the striking look of the pen. With such a class, it can be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

The Lx fountain pen comes with a T10 blue ink cartridge. The ink is removable from clothes, so that makes it ideal for students as well. You can also use this classic fountain pen with Lamy’s Z28 ink converter.

It writes smoothly, same as Lamy’s AL-Star. The only difference between the two is this looks more stunning and elegant.

Lamy CP1 Matte Black Fountain Pen 

Lamy CP1 Matte Black Fountain Pen review

The Lamy’s CP1 fountain pen is the next pick in our list of the best Lamy fountain pens. In short, we can say that this pen by Lamy has simplicity at its best.

The sleek, cylinder-shaped fountain pen has a simple yet beautiful design. On the clip, you can see the small, lovely Lamy logo. As for the construction, this Lamy fountain pen comes in the black metal, and it is solid. The grip is soft and made up of high-quality plastic material. Normally, the metal grips are preferred, but this one has a plastic one. And even with this plastic grip, you will have no reason to complain. It is smooth, comfortable, and feels good when you are writing.

The pen is not that large; it measures only 13.5cm, and even it is made up of metal, but it is quite light just around 20grams.

Same as the Lamy’s 2000 fountain pen, the CP1 fountain pen also features Snap-On cap, and if you like screw-on caps, believe us, the snap caps are much faster and comfortable use. When comparing it with Lamy’s 2000 fountain pen, both are very much the same; in terms of looks and performance.

LAMY Lx Live Deluxe Fountain Pen

LAMY Lx Live Deluxe Fountain Pen review

Get a luxurious writing experience with this Lamy’s Lx Live Deluxe. This Lamy classic looks much similar to the Lamy’s Al-star. The things that caught our attention was its clip plated in premium metal and matching aluminum body. The nib of the pen is delicate and includes laser engraving and black PVD coating for sturdiness and durability. The grip of the pen is comfortable and features a transparent window that allows you to seen through, and you can quickly check how much ink is remaining in pen.

Overall, it is yet another classic by Lamy. The soft grips allow you to use it for hours without getting tired, and above of all, filling the ink in pen is also very easy. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the pen is easy to carry even for long writing tasks. The Ruthenium coating on the pen is just amazing.

One thing to note is that this a fine European nib, i.e., more like a Japanese medium. It writes very well.

The nib is made up of black steel, and it is fine. The nib offers buttery smooth writing experience on all types of paper.

The only minor issue in this Lamy Lx Live Deluxe is that the shade or color of the blue ink cartridge is not that great. The ink looks like a blue ballpoint ink, nothing exceptional.

Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen 

Lamy AL-Star review

The Lamy AL-Star Fountain Pen is the most popular pen in the Lamy’s lineup. The unique look and high-quality writing make it an all-time classic fountain pen. The durability if this fountain pen is matchless. It is a versatile fountain pen that you can use at home, office, or it can be a perfect gift for your friends.

The pen comes with five black ink cartridges. You can also use it with the Z24 converter. The nib is fine and quite smooth in writing. It is also durable; you can use it on all types of papers. The nib is crafted from stainless steel, and finishing is amazing. The shell of the pen is made up of high-quality aluminum, so it is durable yet light-weight. And perfect for long writing.

The only issue in this pen is that although it writes smooth, but if you put too much pressure or try to write too fast, it can scratch the paper. So, handle it with care, especially on thin papers. Another thing that most users won’t admire in this pen is the clip of the pen. It is wide but not that attractive.

The Al-Star fountain pen resembles Lamy’s Safari in terms of writing. It is a little bit broader than the Safari fountain pen. It is 11 mm wide, and Safari is around 9 mm wide.

The shape of this Lamy Al-Star fountain pen also resembles the Safari. Both these pens have a triangular grip. The only major difference between these pens is that the Al-Star fountain is made up of aluminum, whereas Safari features plastic construction.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

best lamy fountain pens

Here comes the most famous fountain pen by Lamy the Safari Fountain pen. The fountain pen is available in eight colors. So it will definitely suit your taste. Our favorite is Charcoal.

The Safari fountain pen is crafted from high-quality ABS plastic material. To keep the pen in place and safe, it comes with a flexible clip. As for writing, it is great as well; the grip is smooth and comfortable. It won’t slide or lose its grip even if you are using it for hours. You can use it with T10 cartridges or Lamy’s Z28 Converter.

According to most users and consumer reports, it is an excellent “starter” pen, especially for students. The pen works flawlessly, and interestingly you will not have to apply any pressure while you are writing. It would be more suitable if we say that Safari glides rather than saying that it writes.

The only downside of the Safari is not in writing; instead, it is in manufacturing. The cap of the pen will lose its grip with time. And we guess that’s something that you would not want in any pen. Other than that, it is just awesome.


Where are Lamy fountain pens made?

Lamy is an all-time classic and most famous fountain pen brand. Way back in 1930, the Heidelberg family originated LAMY in Germany, and since then, it is a family business.

Is Lamy fountain pen ink waterproof?

The fountain pens are not water-proof as per German DIN ISO Standards.

Is Lamy fountain pen good?

Yes, they are! Perhaps the most well-known pen in the industry, serving since 1930. They are good for all purposes. The nibs, clips, ease of use, the Lamy brand has everything that you want in the best fountain pen brand. Not only is the performance great, but the Lamy fountain pen looks impressive as well.

How do you refill a Lamy fountain pen?

The fountain pen has four main parts cap, nib, barrel, and ink container. Ink containers are of two types: piston converter, and ink cartridge. You can use bottled ink to refill the piston converter and ink cartridges come filled with ink. To refill a Lamy fountain pen follows these steps:

  • At the start, remove the barrel and the cap of a pen.
  • Now, put the pen into the ink bottle in such a way that nib gets completely dipped in ink.
  • Now twist the convertor anticlockwise; this is will allows the air to be released from the container. Now again, turn the converter in the opposite direction and keep the nib of the pen just above the ink bottle.
  • As you will be twisting the converter, you will see that ink is being filled in the pen.
  • After the pen has been filled with the ink, wipe the nib gently with soft fabric.

How long will an ink cartridge for my Lamy fountain pen last?

On average, the ink cartridge will last for up to 12 months. But it mainly depends on the usage and how much you take care of your Lamy fountain pen.

How to clean your Lamy fountain pen?

You should clean your Lamy fountain pen or any other fountain pen in a month, even if it is working smoothly. Similarly, clean your fountain pen whenever you change the ink color. This will prevent the mixing of inks. To clean your Lamy fountain pen, follow these steps:

  • First, remove the cap of the pen. Now, take off the grip section of the pen from the barrel. If you are using an ink cartridge, you can also remove it from the grip section.
  • Now, keep the nib under tap water for a couple of seconds. The water will remove all the ink that is in pen or accumulated in pen.
  • Then take clean water in a cup and put the nib in the water for a few minutes. You can also change the water if it gets soaked with ink.
  • Keep repeating until there is no ink left in pen and until you get clean water. This might take up to an hour in some cases.
  • When it is cleaned, let the nib dry. This will also take a few hours. For great results, wrap the nib with a soft fabric or tissue paper and keep it in a cup. The fabric or tissue will absorb all the water.
  • Once it is dried out, you can put the cartridge back and use the pen.

Lamy Safari vs. Waterman Kultur

We checked both the pens, and we would like to recommend Safari in the first place. Why? Let’s check out the differences between the Lamy Safari and Waterman Kultur.

Safari is much more durable then Kultur. It can survive the beating that you will give it and still works great. The Waterman Kultur is a nice pen as well but not that durable than the Lamy Safari.

As for the grip, both pens are comfortable to writer and feels good in your hand even when you are using them for long hours. So, here both are equal.

Now another major difference between the two lies in the looks. Overall, Safari is attractive than Waterman Kultur, in our opinion. For fast writing, Safari is much better than Kultur. One more thing, when you are using the Safari even after a gap of weeks, you will not have any problem, but that’s not the case with Kultur; it feels a little bit slower when used after some time.

As for the construction, the Lamy has the upper hand. Scratches and marks are visible on the Waterman after some time, but the Safari fountain pen showed no scratches or marks.

Safari is the most common fountain pen, so in this way, the Safari parts and nibs can be obtained simple, and it is much more affordable than Waterman Kultur parts.

Well, that was our opinion. And you have all the right to argue. Enjoy writing!

Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen vs. Lamy safari

First of all, both of these pens are excellent. But both these are not the same, and we will see some of the major differences between the wonderful fountain pens.

Lamy’s Safari features a sleek triangular, and soft grip. The weight of the Safari fountain pen is quite light as well. So, full marks to it when you are using it for long hours. On the other hand, the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen features a heavy construction. Not that heavy, but the pen is heavier than the Safari fountain pen. So, it might reduce your writing speed, especially when writing with it for hours.

The nibs of the Safari are available in various sizes. It allows you to pick the right one as per your needs. You can choose and change to broad nibs or extra-fine nibs in Safari fountain pens. But when you are using the Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, the nib is Japanese means it is much finer, and you don’t have as many options as in the Lamy Safari pen.

Both pens are suitable for all types of papers; there is no major difference between the two in this regard.

The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens include a converter, whereas if you like Safari, you will have to buy the converter separately. So, in this way, the Pilot is beneficial.

Lastly, both are nice, but Safari is much more preferred to its durability and writing comfort. And in the end, all it comes to your personal preferences and needs.


When it comes to Lamy fountain pens, there is a significant difference between the prices of the pens. And one can get confused about which is the best Lamy fountain pen.

However, there is no such thing. Don’t get confused. Because in the end, it all depends on your needs. You will find all kinds of pens in the Lamy’s lineup, right from luxurious ones to affordable fountain pens. The quality of Lamy fountain pens is justified as per the price. And as for the features, they all are great. So, which Lamy fountain pen you are going to buy? Let us know your choice below in the comments.