Best Knee Pads for Roller Skating

By Mahrukh Khan | 9 months ago

Almost all of us at some moment in our lives enjoyed Roller skating. One of my best childhood memories is skating with my brother at the skatepark, I waited all week for Saturday to go there. Those cool roller skates in my favorite color combined with the protective gear would give me all the sportsmen feels and the confidence to pick myself up every time I fell. I mean I truly enjoyed roller skating, and racing with my friends, doing techniques, oh God I felt like a star! My mom was always at ease since it is a wholesome aerobic exercise and both my brother and I would stay engaged for hours. Although her main concern was that we do not get skinned knees. For this, she made sure that we wore comfortable clothing that never got in the way along with the best knee pads for roller skating.

Roller skating is practiced in indoor parks as well as, state parks with rinks. Some people are also seen with street skating, reaching places quicker than they would on foot. And some are skilled at Roller derby. Overall it’s a wonderful experience to ride and both watch roller skating. But the utmost precautionary measure must be to wear protective gear, which includes a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. In short, securing all the major joints you fall on, which are prone to injury.

List of Best Knee Pads For Roller Skating

NamePriceVentilationQualityElastic Wear
JBM Adjustable Pads Click HereYesGoodNo
BOSONER Skating padsClick HereYesOkYes
PHZ-Skating Pads Click HereNoHighNo
Allnice-Roller Skating Kit Click HereNoOkYes
LANOVAGEAR- SkateboardingClick HereYesGoodNo
LANOVAGEAR- Skateboarding Click HereYesOkNo


 JBM Adjustable Pads 

JBM Adjustable Pads review

Protective gear is essential for roller skating. The most important amongst these are knee pads, as falling on knees is relatively common during skating. Make sure to get the best knee pads for Roller Skating like JBM adjustable pads. It comes as a 6 piece set with protection to wrists, elbows, and knees moreover a helmet can be added too.

This product is a multipurpose set that can be used for various purposes such as cycling, skateboarding, and similar activities. It fits both my daddy and my younger 11-year-old brother pretty well due to adjustable buckles and range of sizes.

I love the wrist guards that give relative mobility to my thumb containing a thumbhole design and a thickened cushion pad. The breathable foam is present on the knee pads, to absorb maximum sweat and also work as a shock absorber. Since these pads get sweaty after wearing for prolonged hours, the polyester fabric is a washable material.

There have been some common complaints about fitting well, it is always better to consider a size chart before placing an order. Also, a few customers found Velcro strips stretched out, that can be exchanged too. Otherwise, this product has better quality compared to Bonser Skating Pads. A recommendation from my side.

BOSONER Skating pads

BOSONER Skating pads review

Bonser skating pads come in a 6 piece set containing, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. These are again multipurpose and can give protection in every sport that involves injury to the joints of the wrist, elbow, and knee. It is used by kids and youngsters both and is a professional choice.

These pads are comfortable to wear with thickened protection that adds no weight and serves well as a shock absorber. This means they are lightweight and have a positive influence over the sport. The ventilated material property allows heat and sweat management, which could otherwise cause skin rash and infections. Sweat is a perfect medium for bacteria and fungi to grow and mold. I have explained in the buying guide how important a properly ventilated kneed pad is. Feel free to read that section to understand this important feature.

The adjustable elastic straps allow tightening as per needs to get the perfect fit. It is one of the best knee pads for roller skaters in specific. However, a few buys were not satisfied with the quality of the product. In general, I find it a perfect gift for anybody who would like to start with a new past time, especially kids under twelve who need more outdoor activities.

 PHZ-Skating Pads

phz skating pads review

Kids and adults both enjoy roller skating, as its fun and productive outdoor activity. For those who do street skating the journey time is much reduced as it would be on a walk. PHz Skating pads fit both adults and children pretty well. It is a high-quality product with remarkable elasticity that adapts for different sizes and gives a great fit. Fitting is most important to ensure full protection, which has been taken care of during manufacturing. Moreover, the sleeve design is an immediate eye-catcher that makes me want to have it at first sight.

PHZ also works to resist impacts, so that on falling there are no signs of pain. It gives flexibility and doesn’t restrict the motion during the sport. Slightly bulky people complained of fitting issues. And a few customers also came up with the complaint that it is unsuitable for Roller Derby. All in all, it is a product with all the good properties of a skating pad in excellent price.


 Allnice-Roller Skating Kit

allnice roller skating kit review

Allnice Roller Skating Kit comes with a 3 in 1 benefit. This means you get the whole protective gear in just one place. The six-piece set has one pair of wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads. Wearing all these gives a fear-free experience of roller skating, bicycling, and similar sports since this is a multipurpose gear set.

Skating kit is durable and super comfy which makes it ideal to be worn for prolonged hours and enjoy skating. The slip-resistant design makes it a choice of Roller Derby, where you can show off your techniques. The kit costs lower because of the complete protection it is offering. it can be a suitable choice for someone who is looking for everything under a suitable budget range.

Along with the full protection given by the gear, the protective outer shell can absorb big impacts. In a minimal budget, it is an amazing product for every roller skater other there. However, there isn’t any mention of breathable technology as available in other products like JBM Adjustable pads. But all in all, it’s a great package with full protection and easy on the pocket.


 LANOVAGEAR- Skateboarding

best knee pads for roller skating

As the name indicates it’s protective, multipurpose gear. The package comprises all the protective essentials that include wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. It has a variable range of sizes from toddlers to adults. The pieces of equipment fit well with adjustable straps and strong elastic buttons, ensuring full protection against knee and elbow scratches. Furthermore, the cloth used is breathable and cools down sweat almost instantly.

The elbow pads are EVA padded with plastic shells, ensuring maximum shock absorbance if one falls based on the elbow. Wrist guards give commendable support to the wrists with their ergonomic design. And lastly, the knee pads are a perfect fit and well ventilated. However, a few customers had size issues for which a size chart must be referred. Moreover, some complaints were against knee pads being too tight. Which can also be resolved by a reference to the size chart. Overall, it a good quality product in a low budget.

Besmall Protective Gear kit

Besmall Protective Gear kit review

Most gear sets are 6 pieces with wrist, elbow and knee protection but Besmell has extra protection for the head. With the inclusion of helmet to the protective gear kit an individual is shielded from head to toe. The helmet is lightweight and breathable to keep you cool-headed and headache-free.

This kit has a multiple using range available in cool colors. The knee and elbow pads are padded on the inside and covered by an outer shell promising comfort with shock absorbance. The adjustable strap and Velcro closure makes sure they pads fit an individual perfectly. It is an ideal gift for your niece or a favorite student to start a new venture in roller skating. they are best knee pads for roller skating. However, a few customers were unsatisfied with the colors shown and the colors delivered. For example, I ordered pink with anticipation of hot pink according to the photo but ended up getting fuscia instead. Apart from this, it’s a perfect kit with 100% protection and fear-free skating.


Roller skating is a productive pastime that gives you outdoor exposure along with training exercise. To ensure your experience turns out well first rule is to wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t get in the way of the wheels or distracts you. Another essential is wearing long socks, that must go higher than roller skates so that you do not give odor to your skates, nor you slip because of sweat. After having done this you need to buy a protective gear kit consisting of a helmet, wrist pads, elbow pads and best knee pads for roller skating. With all of this, a wonderful experience of roller skating is promised and eagerly waiting for you.


Skating is practiced in many places and by all kinds of individuals, some master the art others are just the beginners. However, it is always important to know about the damage one is vulnerable to.

On-street skating can lead to a collision with pedestrians and other skaters. It is not easy to judge anyone’s next move so it’s risky. Tripping over stones, tins and uneven roads can also cause injuries. Inline skating holds the hazards of fractures, sprains and wrist injuries. It is always a bit of good advice to avoid inline skating in traffic and hilly areas. Debry skating seldom results in broken ankles and sprains.

The risk of getting road rash without protective gear is the maximum. As soon as a skater tumbles the impacts are the joints of the body. Namely shoulder joint, knees and elbows. A rash on the palm can also be the worst injury imaginable. It can take around a month for a rash on the palm to heal up.

The first impact can be on the shoulder followed by knees and then on the palms. These are the most common injuries that can result in a roller-skating accident. Therefore, it is imperative that you only do roller-skating with the protective gear on, a dislocated shoulder can weaken the ligaments that join the humerus with shoulder socket and make you more susceptible to dislocation in the future.

Similarly, knee caps can take permanent damage in the cartilage with a strong impact accident. It may require immediate surgeries and can prove to be more painful than a dislocated shoulder. A kneed pad can come handy in such a situation. It can take the impact of the accident, prevent the rash on the knees and save the body from the post-trauma complications.

In terms of common injuries, knee rashes are quick to heal, a dislocated shoulder may need 4-6 weeks of low movement of shoulder with rehabilitation exercises but the rash on the palm can take 30 days to heal and can remain painful throughout the whole healing phase.

There is no denying that these injuries are easily avoidable, any lax attitude can cause life-changing injuries. It is in your own benefit to protect yourself from avoidable accidents.


Skating is a whole body workout. It primarily targets hip abductors and glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, shins, and calves. These get your lower body toned in perfect shape. Moreover, secondarily in the upper body erector Spinae in back, abdominous along with obliques are mainly affected. It is the best aerobic exercise.

It involves loads of muscle, so not only it is fun but also it can help you lose weight. However, if you feel strain in certain areas whiles skating like in calf muscles then it is recommended that you heal them first by giving your body rest for a couple of days. The protective gear area for roller skating helps the muscle around the joints to remain in shape, gain strength while at the same time remain protected.


Roller skating is practiced in various places. There are several rinks present indoor and outdoor which are safe and a good place to begin roller skating from. Some people are also seen practicing on smooth/flat surfaces such as car parks and tennis courts in after-hours. Moreover, some trainees and experts also enjoy roller skating in skateboard parks.

If you are a beginner it is better to join your local roller-skating club, there may be an additional fee for begin part of the club but they will surely guide you the techniques you will take months to discover and then learn all by yourself.

So the availability of rinks whether outdoor or indoor depends on their availability. I would personally prefer outdoor rink but for a beginner, I would suggest indoor if you have both facilities available. The reason why I am recommending indoor rink is that they are more properly maintained and have staff that can look after you in case you get injured or need an expert opinion.

Buying Guide For Knee Pads

Roller skating teaches you a basic life lesson, every time you fall get up and start again. Be more focused this time, and avoid the previous mistakes. But to make sure that it’s the motivational lessons you are learning and not some serious injury, buy best knee pads for roller skating. Presenting to you is a list of few factors to keep in mind before you go to store:

REFER TO THE SIZE CHART most people select the normal size and are disappointed when it doesn’t fit them right. The first and foremost task is to take the size of your knees with the aid of a measuring tape write it down, open the size chart, match the size and then select the size accordingly. Trust me if people start to focus on this half of the complaints would be resolved.

PERFECT FIT it is quite significant for a knee pad to fall in place. A loosened pad is never protective and keeps you suspectable to skinned knees. For this, it is preferable to get elastic knee pads with good quality straps that can easily be adjusted.

Elastic knee pads will remain in place and can save you from sweat slips. Using trapped knee pads can make feel things are tight and can even lower blood supply to the feet. In the worst case, you may feel numb or loss of temporary sensation from the legs

BREATHABLE fortunately with improved technology manufacturers have kept in focus that sweat and heat produced with covered knees can lead to skin rash, odor, and uneasiness. To sort that out a breathable kneepad that is ventilated helps to keep one cool down.

Although sweating is good it can make the knee pad more mobile and friction may cause the rashes on the knee. It can be pretty painful to carry on skating with a rash and may even demotivate you. The ventilated pads can help quickly evaporate the sweat.

So the natural function of sweat is retained that is it takes the energy from the skin, lowers the body temperature and maintains a good mood. Trapped sweat will only increase problems for you. So it is a good idea to look for ventilated pads.

LIGHTWEIGHT a lightweight kneepad enables easy movement and an increased range of motion. It’s super comfy and easy to carry. Unless you are someone who loves ankle weights, wants to increase the difficulty or try something new with heavier knee pads there is no reason why you should opt for knee pads that feel heavy.

The main purpose of the knee pads is to allow you to comfortably enjoy this beautiful game. Anything that makes you uncomfortable can divert attention from the main object of enjoying the game to maintaining the gear in shape to play the game. The whole purpose behind the game gets lost and you end up worrying about to execute the moves with care than to enjoy the game.

It is normal to feel the gear a little heavy especially when we are using them for the first time. Give it some time and you will feel accustomed to the new added protection on your knees. However, if you feel after enough practice that your performance has decreased due to heavier knee pad then you should look for a lighter set.

Keeping these few things in mind, you can get the best knee pads for roller skating making your skating experience truly remarkable. So gear up with the protective kit and start rolling fellas!