Best Fixie Crankset

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If you love a fixie and want a smooth and hassle-free pedaling experience, it’s essential that you choose the best fixie crankset. And being said that, sometimes, it can be really complicated to decide what to look for and what you should avoid in a single-speed crankset.

There is no shortage of brands and products out there. You will find numerous in your hunt. There are various other confusions as well, such as what is the correct tooth gear ratio, what is the arm length of crank, and more.

This post is for all those folks who want answers for all these questions and definitely for those as well who are looking for the best single speed cranksets on the market. So, let’s begin with a detailed review of each fixie crankset.

List Of Best Fixie Crankset

NamePriceMaterialCrank LengthTeeth
 Retrospec Fixie Crankset
Click HereAluminum170 m44 and 48
 Pure Cycles Fixie CranksetClick HereAluminum165 mm44
 Origin8 Fixie CranksetClick HereAlloy165 or 170 mm46
 Vuelta Fixie CranksetClick HereAlloy165 or 170 mm46
SRAM 300 Fixie CranksetClick HereAlloy165 or 170 mm48
 CYSKY Single Speed Crankset SetClick HereAluminum170 m60
 FOMTOR Fixie CranksetClick HereAlloy170 m44

SRAM S300 Courier Crankset

The list starts with SRAM S300 Crankset. The first remarkable thing in this crankset is that no parts are greasy, including the bottom bracket. Only the threads are greased. The plain presentation and an attractive packing contain perhaps the most durable fixie crankset on the market.

For your convenience, the pack contains washers that you can use to fit the crankarms for smooth pedal installation. The installation itself is simple. You can do it by yourself with the help of essential tools. And to be précised, you will only need a Park tool and an 8mm Allen wrench.

Overall, the set is well-made and will work for many miles without any significant wear and flex at all. Not only is the set highly durable, but it looks amazing as well, especially with a Jet Black chain.

The only downside (not actually) of this product is the quality of included bottom brackets. It might not be the best of quality, but it works well and is absolutely justified by the price of the set.

One notable difference between the SRAM S300 crankset and other cranksets on this list is that this crankset weighs much less than others. If you weigh it, you will find a significant difference between them, especially with the bottom brackets.

Origin8 Track/SS Crankset

This Origin8 Track is an ideal choice for your fixie. It comes in different colors and cranks arm lengths, so you will easily find the exact match for your bike.

It works flawlessly with all the frames but ensures that you are not using it on old designed bottom brackets or chain. This Origin8 crankset suits both the modern fixies, as well as the old track, builds. Perhaps it is the most good looking and eye-catchy crankset available in the market.

The crankset is priced economically, and it is highly durable and robust as well. It includes a 1/8″, 46 tooth chainring, so it is a perfect crankset for all types of roads.

The construction of this crankset features forged aluminum alloy, so the set weighs light in weight.

The installation is a breeze; only the basic tools needed for the installation. It comes in multiple arm lengths, and you can pick from 160, 170 and 175mm as per your needs.

The only issue with this set is it will start to make annoying noises if used with BMX pedals other than that we did not find any.

CYSKY Single Speed Crankset Set

CYSKY Single Speed Crankset Set review

Do you want to replace your old or stripped crank? This is the product that you must consider. This CYSKY single speed crankset offers a smooth and flawless ride on all types of terrains. The fitment and size are true, and it looks amazing as well. It allows you to cruise effortlessly on rough terrains as well. The set is sturdy; hence it will not wear down that easily. It offers excellent value for your money and will serve you for many years.

The construction of this crankset includes a durable aluminum alloy that is incredibly light-weight. The crankset is firmly forged so it can survive the everyday beating without showing any signs of wear.

We also like how simple it is to install this crankset on fixies. But there is a minor drawback in terms of installation. The installation is a breeze for fixies, not for the fat bikes. Yes, you will find it a little bit tough to install on fat bike frames. Another thing worthy of mentioning here is that this crankset doesn’t include ball bearings or bolts. So keep in mind that as well.

As compared with SRAM and Vuelta, this crankset is not that resistant or not suitable for rough riders. As long as you are using it within the city, it works great.

Pure Cycles Fixie Crankset

Pure Cycles Fixie Crankset

Next, we have the Pure Cycles Fixie crankset. This Pure cycle 3-piece alloy crankset and steel chain wheel offer a more comfortable ride with smooth strokes. You don’t have to push too hard with this crankset as it makes it effortless to pedal when riding your fixie bike.

The Pure Cycle Crankset includes a gear ring and pedal arms. It is available in multiple bright colors so you can get that customized look for your fixie or track bike.

The installation is easy and hassle-free. It will not take much of your time. The construction is robust with aluminum alloy that is highly durable yet light-weight. To be exact, the set weighs only about 1.5lbs.

The major problem with this set is it is only good for flat terrains. So if you are planning to use it on inclines well, that might not be the best choice. The other significant difference in this fixie crankset and other that we have reviewed in this list is this set does not come with bolts. Yes, you will have to buy them separately. So look out for that as well.

Vuelta Pista Track Crankset

Best Fixie Crankset

This fixie crankset by Vuelta Pista is proudly made in the USA. The set is well built just like any other product of Vuelta and provides smooth performance.

This crankset is compatible with any 108mm BB spindle for most of the applications. As for the bottom bracket, you will need a square bracket with this set.

The installation and usage are simple, and all home mechanics can install this set in minutes for the most comfortable riding experience. The set delivers noise-free performance, and it is also compatible with 7x speed bikes. The overall construction is sturdy, and you will not notice any flex or noise. The arms of the crank fit accurately without any flaws.

As for the looks, this crankset is bright and well-polished. It looks amazing with black chains, and performance-wise it moves them smoothly.

The only downside of this crankset or you can say the only difference between this crankset and others, is that it might not be as robust as others sets. The difference becomes significant when you compare it with SRAM or CYSKY crankset.

Retrospec Fixed-Gear Crank Single-Speed 

Retrospec Fixed-Gear Crank Single-Speed review

The first thing that will appeal to you in this Retrospec Fixed Crankset is the availability of multiple color options. The gloss paint and finish is a big draw.

The crankset is available in different sizes. These sizes are 44T, 46T, and 48T. It is a three-piece crankset and allows you to pick the perfect size as per your riding and your bike. The high tooth is perfect for even, and flat terrains, whereas small tooth is great for hilly or even terrains.

The set includes steel chainring with aluminum alloy crank arms. And this combination of steel and aluminum enables you to use it on all types of trails without any problems.

Due to its unique crank arm design, you will get a smooth and fast riding experience. The efforts to push the bike will be much less as compared to others. The crank arm is well-built, and it is 170mm in length.

The only drawback of this Retrospec Fixed Gear crankset is that you don’t have any choice in terms of crank arm length. The set is only available in 170mm arm length, which is suitable for daily riders but not for enthusiastic.

FOMTOR Fixie Crankset 

FOMTOR Fixie Crankset review

If you are looking for an affordable crankset for your single speed bike, then you cannot miss this Fomtor Fixie Crankset. It comes with forged alloy arms and chainrings to give an effortless pedaling experience. This Fomtor fixie crankset is ideal if you use your fixie for day to day activities.

The set itself is light in weight, and the design is also perfect. Now the thing that we don’t like that much about this set is that there are some random numbers visible on the set, which can affect the look of your bike. Although it looks amazing with the black finish, those random numbers are not that pleasant.

As for the performance, this crankset is only suitable for flat terrains, not for the hilly areas. The installation is simple. With some basic tools, you can put this thing together in no time.

Apart from the random figures on the set, there is another thing that we would like to share with our readers. After reviewing several consumer reports about the product, we figured out that the durability of this crankset is not up to the mark as compared with other cranksets that we have reviewed in this list. Some users stated that they witness a noise issue after a few miles.

To conclude the matter, this fixie crankset is only suitable for small city ride, not for the rough terrains.

Buying Guide for Fixie Cranksets

Knowing every bit of your bike might not be possible for all of us. But, you should understand enough information about the parts and products so you can perform the maintenance tasks by yourself. Here you will find the details about the features that you must look out for when you are buying the new crankset for your fixie.


Like any other product, ensure that you are buying a durable product. Always remember that riding the bike involves force and movements, which, as a result, applies pressure to the parts and on the whole bike. So if your crankset is not that durable, it can breakdown in the middle of the journey.

Durable products or cranksets are not that expensive. There are many affordable cranksets available in the market. Similarly, ensure that the arms of cranksets are forged correctly so that you will not need any replacement too soon.


The weight of the crankset is also an essential consideration. This is vital because it will directly affect the speed or movements. The weight of the crankset is dependent on the type and quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of cranksets. Usually, Aluminum is considered as the finest and durable material for the cranksets because it is robust and light-weight as well. There are other materials also such as steel. Steel is more robust than aluminum, but it is much heavier and will affect your movement.


Cranksets for fixies come in various sizes. Ensure to buy the one that suits your fixie. If the size is not correct, your new crankset will be useless. Usually, the companies offer cranksets in various sizes so that you can get the one according to your frame.

Complete Set

So, if you have finally decided to replace your old crankset. Well, now, you have two options. The first option is to go for the complete set that includes all the bolts, screws, bottom brackets, and other parts that you will need to finish the task. This option is only suitable for those folks you want a complete upgradation, and it is expensive as compared to the other option.

The second option is to go for the basic parts such as arms and the teeth without purchasing the bottom bracket. This option is less expensive than the first one, but it may cause hassles in the process, especially if you are not mechanically inclined or an expert. In our opinion, go for the first one as it will transform the look and performance into a new and will give you a fresh start.

Tooth Count and Gear Ratio 

In single speed bikes, you can easily understand the gear ratio because there is only one gear to know about.

The only uncommon thing in single-speed cranksets is the teeth count. The teeth count signifies the ratio of gear in the cranksets.

For instance, you have definitely seen something figures like 32T, 36T, 44T, etc. But do you know what it means? In simple words, the higher the figure, the more effort it will take to move the bike.

So, if you use your fixie for day to day activities, it is advised to go for a small tooth count because it will require less effort to push the bike. But if you love the speed, then go for a higher tooth ratio.

Crank Arm Length 

As you know, the arm length of the cranks is different. The length of arms matters for two main reasons.

The first reason is speed, and the second reason is your health. Let’s check out both these reasons:

If the length of the arm is long, the gearing or pedaling will be much easier, and you can cruise much faster without more effort.

The shorter arms decrease the pedal strikes. With shorter crank arms, the power will be less, but you can ride faster. Riding too fast can lead to other issues such as knee pain, so look out for that as well.

Now the second reason to choose the perfect crank arm length is related to your health or body. If the crank arm length is not right, you might feel severe pain in your knees.

What size crankset for fixie

The 165 mm length cranks are recommended for fixies. This length allows you to spin effortlessly and faster.


The best fixie crankset will work flawlessly in every type of terrain. There should be no problems whatsoever because of the nature or type of track.

In this article, we have listed some of the best single-speed cranksets on the market. These cranksets are thoroughly evaluated and compared, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences. Furthermore, all the cranksets mentioned above are available in several colors and sizes so you can get that customized look to your bike.