Best Filter For Iron In Well Water

By Asad | 1 year ago

Do you ever care about the water you drink? Is it safe enough to be used for drinking purposes? Can you allow your loved ones to drink water coming from taps? Chances are, you might not consider your tap water as contagious and think it is okay to consume it. But you must be careful about what you put in your stomach. Comes what may, your cautiousness can rescue you from a lot of aches. Any negligence, on the other hand, that comes from your side can cost you in the long run, and even risk your loved one’s life. So as a safety precaution you must know about the best filter for iron in well water.

The water you drink and use for household chores carry a whole lot of iron which can turn your stomach and severely infect you. This surely is something you don’t want to happen with you and your loved ones.

So, take your plunge and do something to make your tap water free from pollutants. All you have to install some reliable and effective water filtration products. But before getting the best filter for iron in well water, it is important to consider what actually a filter is.

The process of moving iron with concentrated water cannot be evaded, but you can prevent it to some extent through filtration. Filtration can extract iron from the existing water, stop the damage and generate safe water inside your home or business.


Filtration of water is important as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not responsible for most wells. Private wells have usually no safety mechanisms for monitoring and maintaining drinking water efficiency without this government regulation. This may be an important issue which more than often neglected. As said earlier, unfiltered water may have many health issues, including bacteria that carry disease, sediment and soil, and the presence of heavy or rust metals. Water without filtering properly can also be unsightly, shiny and unhealthy in color.

Though installing filters in your home is effective against water toxicity, it is recommended to get the one from a reliable supplier. So, here are some of the top listed water filtration products you can purchase from Amazon.

Reviews: Best filter for iron in well water 

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  1. Durawater Air Injection igloe bmx 25 review


Probably one of the best filter for iron in well water and our first pick is the Durawater Air Injection iron filter. Not only this, it is classified as the most affordable option to remove iron and sulfur from the well water.

It features Fleck 5600SXT digital control valve, which we found very useful in backwashing the system to clean the water tank automatically. It was something that we didn’t find in other products.

The one more than that we find exclusive in this filter is its incredible capacity. This Durawater iron eater filter can eliminate iron up to 12 ppm, manganese up to 2 ppm, and sulfur up to 10 ppm. Apart from removing basic impurities such as iron, sulfur, and manganese, it is quite effective to treat rotten egg smell from the well water.

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Effortless to set up, and the device comes with fiberglass that is pre-loaded. And if you still require more support, you can watch the videos and guides for installation on YouTube. The size of this filter is small so you can easily place it in narrow and compact places. The digital system of this device also makes it simple to operate.

There was not any notable drawback of this iron filter other than there are issues in the customer support department of the company.

In comparison with other units on this list and others, this Iron filter has every feature that is needed to purify the well water—so being said that this Durawater Air Injection Iron Eater Filter is the best and our top recommendation.


  1. AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT 

igloe bmx 25 review

Do you want oxidizing water for your whole house, which doesn’t need any chemical to purify the water? Well, then this AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT Air injection filter is an excellent choice for you. Its exceptional air injection system provides low-cost exclusion of iron and other impurities without any chemical injection.

This AFWFilter has the ability to remove 100 ppm iron, two ppm manganese, and six ppm sulfur. It produces an air pocket at the upper part of the tank, and as the water flows through, it oxidizes. The filtration process does the remaining, and it can filter sufficient water for an average home that too free of chemical.

Not only it removes impurities from well water, but it also generates fresh air into the system. And to make your life free of hassles, it includes automatic backwashing.

The installation of this iron filter is easy, and you can install it by yourself. It comes with a stainless steel valve for simple maintenance. It is worthy of mentioning that the whole oxidation process is performed in a single tank, so the filter doesn’t occupy much space.

The only downside of this iron filter that we came across is the time that it takes for backwashing. The backwashing process takes almost an hour, which is quite shocking for such a good filter.

When compared with other products such as the Durawater iron filter, it has everything except the capacity to remove impurities from well water and its drawback the time of backwashing.


  1. Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter 

igloe bmx 25 review

Next, we have the Express 3 stage home water filtration system. This water filter system features three stages: kinetic degradation fluxion, a carbon block, and sediment filtration. We find the sediment filter quite clear, and you see the working of the filter in real-time.

This water filtration system provides high volumes of filtered water without any chemicals. By using chlorine, you can protect your valuables from the dirt and other pollutants and also allows you to cook with pure water.

The water filter is quite effective in eliminating lead, rust, chloramine, sulfur, VOCs, copper, cadmium, odors, silt, turbidity, iron, chlorine, mercury, dirt, pesticides, herbicides, fungi, insecticides, and other such particles from water.

The maintenance of this water filtration system is also quite straightforward because the water filter cartridges swap in and out. The lifespan is also prominent and long-lasting than others with over 100,000 gallons or six to eleven months of use.

The only drawback that we find in this device is that you will have to buy some extra parts separately, such as bypass valves and other fittings. And many of you cannot install the system by yourself, so you will have to acquire the services of professionals for installation.

As compared to other products such as Durawater and AFW water filter, it is behind due to certain features and in terms of simplicity to use and install.

  1. iSpring WGB32BM 

igloe bmx 25 review

This iSpring WGB32BM whole house filter effectively removes odor, chemicals, sand, rust, and tastes apart from removing the iron, magnesium, and metals. Most of these particles will be removed by up to 95%.

Its working cycle is much similar to the Express water filtration system. It features a three-step purification system identical to Express filter and a carbon block, iron manganese, and PP sediment to eliminate harmful contaminants. The capacity of the water filter is impressive, and it can work for up to 100,000 gallons.

We did not face any issues while installing this water filter. To make things much easier and hassle-free, a detailed manual is included, and you can also watch the tutorials on YouTube. Normally, this water filtering machine is installed on the main water line to control and purify all the water without increasing the TDS.

The system can filter water for your entire household usage, including showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and other appliances.

As for the downside of this product, you will have to buy and install a water softener separately beside this water filtration system.

This water filter has some features, but when compared with other products on this list, it lacks the ability to filter the water completely. Although it has the ability to purify 95% of the water in some cases, it might not be enough.

  1. iSpring WGB22BM 

igloe bmx 25 review

Another iSpring iron water filter for well water. In simple words, this iSpring WG22BM is the most affordable Iron Filter that you can get.

This iSpring’s WGB22BM 2-stage whole house water filter is expertly built to handle the impurities such as iron and metals in the well water, and we must say it deals them quite effectively.

This whole house water filtration system features two stages that are standard carbon block filter and one geared metals. The first stage of this water filtration system is manufactured from coconut shell carbon and can filter 100,000 gallons. In the second stage, it can purify well water from 3 ppm of iron and lead or manganese. The filtration capacity of this water purifier is 50,000 gallons at 3 PPM. Apart from it, it can also remove the smell and color from well water.

The thing that leads makes this iron filter not so effective is that the iron removal capabilities are not up to par as compared with other water filtration systems.

During testing, we notice that this water filtration system is much more suitable if there are low particles of iron, and no oxidation is needed to clear up the water. It’s an economical filter that is best suited for basic tasks, and it is not as effective as other products on this list.

6. Home Master Whole House 

igloe bmx 25 review

Our last but definitely not the least pick is the Home Master water filtration system. This is a 3 stage full-house water filtration system that only requires maintenance after every 100,000 gallons or after a year.

Whole-House Home Master water filters feature transparent and reliable pressure water. It features a strong union of radial flow iron, multi-gradient grounds, and radial flow carbon filters that effectively treat iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide particles up to 3 ppm. Apart from removing these impurities, the system also has the ability to eliminate stains, foul tastes, and smells from the well water.

We did not witness any issues in the working cycle or process of this water filtration system. The system can handle all the impurities such as rusts, sediments, pollutants, and pesticides.

The major downside of this water filtration system remains its installation. The installation is smooth, but not that easy. Easy in the sense that if you have some knowledge of plumbing and tools you can install this filter by yourself otherwise you will have to call professionals. Another that might not be suitable is that you will have to buy a water softener separately as it works in conjunction with a water softener.

When comparing with other water filtration systems, it comes with everything. The capacity is low, only three ppm, but the economical price justifies it. In our opinion, the major drawback of this filter remains its installation.


 Water Filtration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to test water quality at home?

Have you already spotted some signs of hard water? Don’t worry. You can fix the problem simply with the best filter for iron in well water once you are certain about it.

There are many ways to confirm water hardness. The easiest way to find water hardness is to fill the empty bottle with water and add pure liquid soap and shake vigorously. Your water is hard in case of a distinct lack of fluffy bubbles and milky water as soft water would have copious bubbles, and the clear resting water.

Another simple way to detect water hardness is to check with a drinking water quality report from your water supplier. The report explains the source of your water and the elements present in it. Some reports tell you about water hardness and some do not mention. Contact to your local authority who manage the system and ask them about the water hardness.

Q2. What is the difference between mineral water and iron water?

Mineral water comes from a mineral spring. It includes salts and sulfur compounds in various quantity. Depending on the added gasses, mineral water can be still or sparkling. Iron water, on the other hand, is water in which iron is mainly present. The huge amount of iron can be troublesome for men as it can severely affect the lungs.

Q3. What is an iron filter?

An iron filter is designed to collect iron and other toxic elements from water. It purifies water and makes it drinkable. The machine is held with conventional backwashing to take out the precipitated iron and recycle less often to restore the oxidizing strength of the medium bed.

Q4. What are the symptoms of too much iron in the body?

The consumption of iron in a huge amount can result in abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, articulation pain, diabetes mellitus, irregular heart rhythm, liver disease, and various other heart-related diseases. Consult a doctor in case you notice any of these signs, without any delay.

Q5. Iron in water effects on the stomach?

Even though low iron levels are not very harmful, iron is considered to be a contaminant in water because it also has bacteria that feeds on iron. Moreover, high iron content can lead to several diseases including diabetes, hemochromatosis disease, trouble with the stomach, nausea, and vomiting, to name a few.

Q6. Iron in water effects on the skin?

Not only the high amount of iron present in your water can make you sick internally, but it can also increase your risk of acne and other skin conditions. Iron can block pores and even can cause breakouts. The iron particles themselves could also weaken the skin cells.

Q7. Are iron filters a waste of money?

Iron filters are valuable as they can help eliminate toxins from your water, allowing you to drink healthy water. They are not cost-effective, but in the long run, they can save you some good bucks.

Q8. Will a carbon filter remove iron from water?

Yes. Magnesium, calcium, and various other dissolved minerals can be softened with the help of a carbon filter. Nonetheless, heavy metals like coliforms, cysts, plumes, arsenic or iron can be extracted through mechanical filtration with a pore-sized filter.

Q9. Are h2o2 iron filters safe?

Yes. H2O2 iron filters are not only safe but better than chlorine. Chlorine can be dangerous and therefore should be avoided. H2o2 quickly breaks into water and oxygen. To oxidize more than 50 ppm ferrous iron in your water tank, use 35 percent food grade. Pick it up in a water filter after oxidation. Your water is clear and the oxygen starts to build when exposed to air now. Take your water well and strike it with 35% H2o2, it turns red and the iron drops down. The ferrous is not dissolved and is in a ferric state. Now a filter can be picked up.

Q10. Can iron bacteria be filtered?

No. Iron bacteria are not affected by water softeners, mud filters or carbon filters. The Iron Filter Greensand, the Iron Filter Birm or the Iron Filter Pyrolox are also not proven to be effective against Iron Bacteria. So, it is recommended to not use Iron Filter for eliminating Iron Bacteria with Air-Injection. Do not use’ air-only,’ at least.


So, what is the best filter for iron in well water?

The decision to filter your water is brilliant and will offer numerous advantages. However, it can be quite challenging to get your hands on the best one. All the filters mentioned above are effective against iron and offer you clean water. But, you can’t choose all. You have to pick one filter that covers your water filtration needs. Now, there are two factors through which you can make your purchasing decision. One is through comparing product reviews and the other one is through comparing prices.

Product reviews play a vital role when it comes to branding and marketing of e-commerce products. This contributes to building confidence and loyalty and defines what separates the goods from others. Not only are these genuine reviews important from sellers’ perspectives, but buyers also consider them while making a purchase. Given that, you (buyer) need to make sure the product you are going to purchase must have some positive reviews from genuine customers. Coming to the point, among the above-mentioned six filters, the greatest number of positive reviews is Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House, Water Filter. The filter has 4.7 out of 5 stars. Therefore, it makes sense to choose this filter.


Besides customer reviews, price is also important to consider when it comes to purchasing a filter. If your budget is low you should choose iSpring WGB22BM 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System w/ 20. The total price of the system is $300.19. On the other hand, AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT AFW can be the best filter for iron in well water for people with high budgets. It costs $729.14.