Best Ball Pen For Fast Writing

By Asad | 9 months ago

If you are a writer or a student, you know the importance of the pen. The importance of pen cannot be denied even in this advanced era of gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. A pen is a small thing that spreads your words in this massive world. For creative writing, in our opinion, pens are the best as you can feel and sense the creativity. This is something that you cannot do while typing. For some users writing fast is necessary, especially students, journalists, etc. And for these sorts of reasons, you need the best ball pen for fast writing.

For some users, it can be a little annoying to check out all the ball pens and then pick the best one. I mean, not everyone has that much spare time. And that’s why we have reviewed some of the best ball pens for fast writing in this article. From affordable to premium ones, you will get the one that will enhance your creativity, and you will enjoy a great writing experience.

List: Best ball pen for fast writing

NamePriceColoursTip WidthSpeed Rating
 PARKER Duofold Ballpoint Pen
Click HereBlackMedium4 out of 5
 Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint
Click HereBlueMedium4.5 out of 5
ROtring Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Click HereBlackMedium4 out of 5
 Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen
Click HereBlackMedium4.5 out of 5
 PILOT Precise Ball Stick Pens
Click HereMultipleFine, Needle5 out of 5
Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Click HereBlueFine4.5 out of 5

PARKER Duofold Ballpoint Pen

bPARKER Duofold Ballpoint Pen review

Our first pick of this list is Parker Duofold ballpoint pen by the well-known brand the Parker. Before we review this all-time classic, let me tell you that if you want to give this pen as a gift, then this is your safest and best bet. So, being said that, this Parker Duofold pall pen features a thick body with a twist top. Overall, the pen is gorgeous.

These pens are made in France. The twisted top of the pen is smooth and robust. Available in multiple colors, this Parker Duofold Ballpoint pen is the first choice of the writers as well as others. But keep in mind that this is not an ordinary or everyday routine pen. So take care of it as you cannot afford to lose it.

The overall quality is matchless and features precious resin. But the minor drawback of this Parker’s Classic ballpoint pen is that its tip is a bit too long, so some of you might find it uncomfortable when using it for a long time.

Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint

Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint review

If your pen is stopping you from showing your creativity that this Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint pen is the perfect solution. The Waterman Expert ballpoint pen’s color is a soothing blue, and it will have a beautiful, calming impact on your writing, regardless of what you are writing.

The writing and flow of the pen are pleasant same as Parker’s Duofold. The design and shape of this Waterman Expert are unique than the others. Unique in the right way. The pen is shaped like a cigar, and the grip is super-comfortable. It writes flawlessly and never stops in between a task.

Like all the Waterman pen’s, this Expert ballpoint is also handmade so, if you are bored of your normal ballpoint switch to this classic Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint pen and flawlessly in style.

One thing that we didn’t like in this pen is that the tip of this pen is made of plastic, which looks cheap as compared to other brands. It’s something that doesn’t suit the brand.

The thing that makes it better than the others is that its grip is comfortable, not when you are writing a short piece of content but also when you are using it for hours.

rOtring Retractable Ballpoint Pen

ROtring Retractable Ballpoint Pen review

The Rotring 800 Ballpoint Pen is the perfect ball pen to write for a long time. The shape and design of this pen is the full metal body, and it offers an ideal grip and weight balance even when you are using it for hours. The smooth non-slip grip of this Rotring ballpoint allows you to work without any uneasiness or fatigue. Furthermore, the tip of this pen features a hexagonal shape, which means that it will not slide or move while writing.

This Rotring 800 ballpoint pen gives smooth actions. The pen features a retractable click mechanism, and it is pocket safe. The design of the pen is much classier, or we can say it is a perfect blend of modern design and vintage looks.

The pen features a robust barrel that offers a stable and comfortable grip that won’t cause fatigue to your fingers during long writing tasks, and the results will be awesome. The full metal shell of this pen is durable; hence you will not need replacement sooner.

The only thing that you should consider in this ballpoint pen is its high price. As per consumer reports, many users stated that this is the best ballpoint pen for fast writing, but it is a bit expensive.

Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen

Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen review

This Cross Classic Century Chrome ballpoint pen is a smart writing tool. It features an elegant chrome finish that will surely make some head turns where ever you go. This lovely writing tool is expertly crafted to serve you for years. The refills of this ballpoint pen are available in various sizes and colors, so in this way, the pen is versatile as well.

The design of this ballpoint pen is just beautiful, and quality is high well. The pen is durable yet light in weight. The pen works flawlessly and also feels comfortable in hand. It features a unique twist mechanism that is quite handy as compared to the clicking mechanism. And all that comes at quite an affordable price.

The weight of the pen is ideal for long writing tasks. The weight allows you to use it for hours without feeling uncomfortable. You can work faster without any fatigue. With the tip size of 0.7mm, the pen works smoothly on all types of paper.

The pen is nice to keep in your shirt pocket, but if you are thinking of using it in a sport coat pocket, then it is not suitable. Yes, it is the only downside of this instrument. It will scrap the fabric of your sport coat.

When compared with other premium models, this instrument has everything, such as an elegant design, high-quality materials, crafted expertly, and all that comes in an affordable price range.

Pilot Precise Ball Stick Pens

Our next pick in this list of the best ball pen for fast writing is a high-quality yet straightforward instrument by Pilot. This Pilot Precise ball stick pen is affordable and ideal for those you want perfect results and no compromise on speed and writing quality. Many users already adore this Amazon’s choice due to its simplicity and great results.

The Pilot Precise V5 pen weighs around 0.48 ounces so it can be a perfect travel companion. You will not find any smudging with this Pilot pen even if you rub your hands across it immediately after writing.

The tip of the pen is extremely fine, which is a vital consideration for many users, especially students. The pen is ideal to use on notebook paper, printouts, and shinier pages of your book. In short, the pen works flawlessly on all types of pages without any smudging. The outer part of the pen is made of plastic, and the line size is approximately 0.5mm.

The only issue in this pen is that it might bleed on some heavy papers. So it can be a bit messy at times.

Now the feature that separates it from the others is you can also use this Pilot Precise ball stick pens to create amazing illustrations. Yes, you read correctly; this pen can be used to draw all types of pictures and drawings.

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

best ballpen for fast writing

Parker is a brand that you can trust blindly. The quality of the Parker Pens is matchless, and it also improves your handwriting.

This Parker’s Jotter Ballpoint Pen lives up to the reputation. The quality and durable Stainless Steel makes it robust. The design of this Jotter Ballpoint pen is simple yet elegant. The elegant design of this pen makes it a fabulous gift for your loved ones. Not only this, but this pen comes in a beautiful box.

This Parker Jotter ballpoint pen weighs only around 0.8 ounces, which is ideal for long writing projects. The pen comes with a quick flow ball pen refill for the finest flow of ink. Available in blue ink, the tip of this pen is medium. Now comes the most prominent feature of this pen; you can also use Parker’s gel refills with this ballpoint pen.

The barrel of this ballpoint pen features stainless steel; hence it is a versatile and most durable ballpoint pen in the market.

The only problem with this Jotter ball pen is that if you are using it for a long time, it starts to slide or lose its preciseness. Well, that’s something unusual in Parker’s pen, but it is evident from various consumer reports and feedbacks.

When compared with other Parker pens, this pen has room for improvement. But as compared with other brands, this Jotter ballpoint pen is ahead of them in terms of speed, writing quality, and design. So in this way, we can safely say that it is among the best ball pen for fast writing.


Is cursive handwriting faster? 

Yes, it is faster. In cursive handwriting style, you don’t need to lift your pen often, and that’s why this writing style is faster than the others.

How do I make my handwriting faster?

With some minor changes in your writing style and working environment, you can significantly enhance your speed and write much quicker and ever before. Here are some of our recommendations to make your handwriting faster.

To write faster, don’t press a pen down harder because if you do so, your hands will feel discomfort, and you might get tired. Moreover, use a pen that is thick, and the grip of the pen is also comfortable. You can also use additional grips for this purpose. It will improve your writing speed. But only use this if your current pen’s grip is not comfortable.

Similarly, you try to experiment a lot with the holding style. Always hold it in a comfortable way. The comfort has a significant effect on your writing speed, so keep this on mind when writing and choosing the pen.

Your hands should be in a comfortable posture as well while you are writing. If you feel any fatigue while working, try to change or adjust the holding style. It might also improve your speed.

Furthermore, the angle of a paper on which you are writing also matters. So, use it in such a way that it is more comfortable for you.

Your overall posture also has an impact on your writing speed. Keep your back straight, and you’re your feet flat on the ground while doing your writing assignments. Whenever you feel drooping, change your body posture and make sure that you are writing while sitting in a correct posture.

Also, check out the height of your chair if it is too low than the height of your table than your speed will be reduced, and you should look out for the new table or chair.

Lastly, it’s all about consistency. Keep practicing. Practice daily to enhance the writing speed and neatness of your handwriting. The more you will do it; the faster and smarter your writing will become.

How to write fast and neat handwriting 

  • Use the correct type of pen while doing your writing tasks. You will notice the improvement in your handwriting when you are writing with a smooth pen as compared to a cheaper one.
  • Hold your pen in the correct way. Don’t hold your pen or pencil too firmly or strongly, because in this way your hands will get uncomfortable or tired quickly. Similarly, don’t grip the pen too lightly; in this case, the control will be much less in your writing.
  • The position of the paper should be correct as well. To achieve the correct angle, you will have to keep experimenting with the position of the paper.
  • When you are confident that you are using the right type of pen, posture, and grip, just practice. Write as much as you can. Many people get lazy while writing long content or write lazily. Don’t do this.

How to hold a pen for fast writing

Hold the pen by using your index finger and thumb. Your index finger and thumb will keep the pen in place. Keep the end of the pen on the edge between your fingers.

Now hold the pen moderately not too tight, not too lightly little down from the tip. Regardless of your writing hand, hold the pen with your index finger and thumb. Try to place the fingers smoothly on both sides. Your grip should be firm and steady. Don’t hold too tightly; your hand might get tired or ache after some time while writing.

You can change the grip if required. Experiment till you are comfortable with your grip.

Try to grip the pen lightly with your middle finger as compared to the thumb and index finger. Use it to keep the pen in place. Ensure that the end of the pen is near to the upper part of your hand. If you grip the pen too firmly, your hand will come off the page more often, and eventually, it will reduce your writing speed.

The heel of your hand should be placed on the paper. Your ring and small fingers should be placed on the paper as well. You can change the grip or position of your hand till you are comfortable in writing.

Keep the pen at an angle, so that it allows you to press the tip to the paper.

To write faster, don’t lift your pen too much it not only decrease your writing speed but also causes pain while writing.


In our opinion, the first thing that you should do when buying the best ball pen for fast writing is to determine the features that you want in your new pen. Decide which features of the pen are more essential for you. For instance, the ink color, design of the pen, style, or mechanism of the pen such as twist-style or click-style.

Curtailing the features of the pen will eventually reduce the options to choose from, and you can find the best ballpoint pen that suits your preferences and needs.

With this post, we cannot decide which ballpoint is best for your needs, but we are sure that this guide will help you to find the best ball pen to write faster.