Best Amps For Telecaster

If you have fellow tone freaks, you will not have any problem understanding what basically a telecaster is. Telecaster is a solid body electric guitar with its simple yet effective design and its revolutionary sounds. Telecaster is a versatile guitar used in most styles of music and has been used in almost every genre you have heard of like country, rock, pop, metal, jazz, and anything that I might have forgotten. The fact that telecaster has become one of the most used guitars for any kind of music states that it should have the best amplifier as well. So, we have done our research and made a list of the best amps for Telecaster.

Fender Amplifiers Vintage Modified 68 Custom VibroluxClick Here
Vox AC30C2 Amplifier
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Marshall Amps Guitar Amplifier M-DSL40CR-U
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Fender Champion 100
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Why Just Telecaster?

There are a variety of reasons why and how telecaster has made its place in the world of music in such a short time period. It’s a success in the entertainment industry as a musical instrument has come a long way with several cultures appreciating it.

The striking reason for a telecaster to go on top is its effective and sleek design with simple and modular looks which makes it very easy to use. Not just the looks, but it is very easy to modify, adjust and repair.

Why do you need an amplifier?

Telecaster is one of the best electric guitars you will find in the market right now. It has all the basic features that you need to and every feature for your music demand but even then, there are times when even telecaster can’t do what you are trying to do and so you need an amplifier to bring about that basic signature Telecaster tone with all its dignity.

Best Amps for Telecaster

We sure as hell have brought to you the finest of the amplifiers for your Telecaster. These amplifiers have been reviewed and tested by a lot of people and then we have come to this conclusion. So, hold back your seats, because we have the finest amplifiers coming up in this article.


  1. Fender Amplifiers Vintage Modified 68 Custom Vibrolux

    fender amp for telecaster

Fender belongs to the world’s top list of Amplifier companies and it has changed the musical scenes and demands since then. Fender has come up with a vintage series, with Fender Modified 68 Custom Vibrolux as its best mode.

This Fender Amplifier comes with some of the best features.

Key Features:

  • One of its most desired features is the “gain onset” feature which is important when conveying the dynamics of the song. This feature provides greater touch sensitivity so when the amplifier Is driven by playing intensity it will have a desired slightly distorted tone as well as added sustain/
  • The amplifier has 2 –10” Celestion TEN 30 Speakers which will give you the best results.
  • It comes with two channels: the tube driven Reverb Channel, which creates a lush simulation of what the amp might sound like in large reflective spaces and Tremolo Channel, which creates a simulation of what amp might sound like when it is spun around in a merry go round during use.


The fact that this amp is present on the top of the list tells us that it is the most expensive amplifiers of the following list, but the features that it comes with are not known to be present in other amps.

The amp comes with two channels with a metal 2 button footswitch to activate Reverb and Tremolo as well as protective slipcover included. The 35-Watt all-tube power delivers distinctive rock and roll flavor.

Our Verdict:

The amplifier delivers strong, aggressive low-end and powerful low-mid sounds which will be worth every penny you spend. This amplifier is great for the studio and stage performance.



  1. Vox AC30C2 Amplifier

    vox a30c2 amplifier review for telecaster

Fender is not the only Amplifier beating all the records, the next best thing in the market right now are the Vox Amplifiers. Here, Vox AC30C2 is a great amplifier to pair your telecaster with and you need to buy it right now.

The Vox Amplifiers get a very well-known classic tone and you just don’t use them as your typical amplifier and you need to understand them if you really want to get the right tone out of it.

Key Features:

  • So, it has custom 10 by 10-inch speakers which you can only imagine how much it amplifies the sound.
  • Thanks to the Vox revolutionary technology, it features a 10 W tube combo offering a classic Vox top Boost tone.
  • It comes with EL84 Power tubes and 12AX7 preamp tubes.
  • The incredible tone variation and improved reliability have taken the Vox Amp to the top with simple but effective Gain, Bass, and Master Volume Controls.


Like Fender 68 it has two channels, but unlike that, it offers highly interactive Treble and Bass Controls. The Master Volume Control works in conjunction with the individual volume of each channel to create just the right degree of gain staging. This is the reason it is expensive than the other amps.

Our Verdict:

So, if you want an Amplifier that has improved connectivity with modern musical demands, these Vox AC30s are the best option to go with. Vox AC30C2 shows great performance making it suitable for stage performance, studio performance or anything that you want.



  1. Marshall Amps Guitar Amplifier M-DSL40CR-U

    best amps for amplifier

When talking about the best amps for Telecaster, Marshall can never go unmentioned. Their worldwide presence and their passion to shape up the music industry have not gone in vain. It has revolutionized the music of almost every genre.

If you are looking for an amplifier for your telecaster, Marshall M-DSL40CR-U is an ideal option and we will tell you why.

Key Features:

  • It has a Gain and Volume feature per channel which allows you to choose how much to amplify the sound.
  • The amplifier features two Master Volume Controls as well.
  • It offers clean and has tones by dedicated resonance control.
  • It also has high and low power controls which makes it very easy for the telecaster to use.


The features are not as advanced as the above-mentioned amplifiers but new DSL Amps are laden Marshall tone, features, and functionality for the novice, as well as the pros performing on the world’s biggest stage.

Our Verdict:

Some people find it expensive but the features it comes with is totally worth it. It features great sound effects with variable tones with amp modes and presets. The Celestion V type speakers are go-to amplifiers for your Telecaster.



  1. Fender Champion 100

    Best Amps For Telecaster

Fender has maintained its reputation of being one of the best amplifiers in the market and that too, not just for your electric guitar. This Fender Champion is a great amplifier for your drum set as well.

Now, fender has been on the top for the last few years now and no amplifier has got what it takes to beat the best amplifier. Ever since the revolution of the music industry, Fender amplifiers have become an integral part of modern music since it included features that enhance and develop music.

Key Features:

  • This amplifier features a 2 by 12-inch special design fender speakers with a wide range of tone varieties thrown at 100 W.
  • The most important feature of the Fender amplifier is the two-foot switchable independent channels. The first channel delivers classic fender sound while the second channel adds a couple of more options but in a very defined approach.
  • It comes with a gain knob which works great for increasing and adjusting the volume of the amplifier.
  • You can party all night by connecting your mobile phone or anything with a fender through an aux and form your own private band.


Being the cheapest option in the article doesn’t mean that the product is a rip-off, but we would actually recommend this amp if you want a good amp without spending a fortune over it. It has all the basic requirements of an amp within the most reasonable price.

Our Verdict:

The Fender Champion 100 has continued to make space of itself in the music scene thanks to its ease of use and amazing compatibility, which makes it really easy to use with any kind of telecaster whatsoever.



We know that you have bought a killer telecaster and all you need now is a killer amplifier to bring out its signature tone. So, we have got you covered with some of the best amps for a Telecaster.

The amplifier mentioned in this article has the most advanced feature that will totally rock your music in the studio as well as on the stage.

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