Everything You Need To Know To Start A Backyard Floral Farm This Spring

Starting a backyard floral farm takes as little as a $200 investment and a small plot of land to start growing your seeds and selling your fresh flowers.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

backyard floral farm

Hold on to your hats, my cottage core sisters and brothers. You’re about to want to quit your job and start over. Because now, you can start a backyard floral farm and sell the flowers for profit. A farm, yes. No food, just flowers. Yes, this really is a thing. Folks are buying them in places like pop-up shops in their downtown areas to local farmer’s markets. And, reportedly doing fairly well. Also, how can you be sad if you’re around flowers all the time? Doesn’t happen. Welcome to a life of only pure flowery joy.

According to Dream Of Acres, you don’t need a ton of acres or an expansive backyard. Just some good ol’ fashioned know-how and about $200 to start will be extremely helpful as well. You’ll soon become known as the neighborhood farmer florist. How exciting! And, perhaps a bit profitable. 

A backyard floral farm sells flowers right to the consumer. So instead of going to say a place like a local Trader Joe’s or 1-800-FLOWERS, or even your local supermarket, you can pick some up at your local farmer’s market and buy it directly from the grower. You’ll be supporting a small business. And the flowers will be extremely fresh, and chances are, have fewer pesticides and chemicals. 

Right now, nearly 80% of cut flowers are imported from other countries, but as of late, the number of places in the US has grown by 8%. That’s a definite buck from the trend of tulips from Holland! This backyard floral farm trend is popping up because folks now have the desire to shop local and support local “farmers.” In addition, wholesale flowers are getting harder to find due to supply chain issues. 

Florists don’t want to wait for their flowers to come in from an international shipment. They can’t because getting desirable flowers are their livelihood. So, if there’s a local floral farm near them, chances are they will either buy all or simply supplement their flower stock from there. In addition to the benefit of buying local, florists may find very unique flowers that they simply can’t find anywhere else. 

According to the Team Flower blog, starting your own backyard flower farm is something that is incredibly attainable and even worth it. In fact, growing slowly is better for you financially and from a knowledge standpoint. As the flowers grow, you’ll have time to figure out your finances a little bit more and accumulate enough knowledge and info about flower growing that you’ll become a pro. 

You’ll get a chance to think creatively when you plant and lay out your farm. You need to think about what type of bouquets you want to create, as well as figure out how much room you’ll need for your backyard flower farm. You’ll be using both sides of your brain! 

The backyard flower farm trend follows the chicken farm trend from a handful of years ago. And recently there has even been a resurgence due to the cost of eggs increasing. But, having a flower farm is a little more low risk–especially if you’re starting out. You won’t have to worry about actual animals passing away on your watch. Maybe just some weeds and trying to figure out what will grow best will be your only issues. 

So embrace your seedlings, love your compost, and start backyard flower farming. Welcome to your romantic life.