Axe Body Spray Removes Teen’s Nipples

By Kristi Eckert | 3 months ago

axe body spray

Smelling your best goes a long way to assist someone in feeling their best and body spray is often the go-to solution used to ensure that one is giving off that clean fresh scent they desire to. In the world of deodorizing and perspiration masking solutions, Axe body spray is a long-trusted brand. So it would make sense why a 15-year-old in Liverpool, England thought it harmless to douse himself with it. To the teen’s surprise, however, the Axe body spray had the unfortunate side effect of causing his nipples to be completely severed from his chest. 

The incident transpired after the teenage boy decided to take his classmate up on a dare. The Mirror UK reported that while in his school’s Phys-Ed changing room the boy’s friend dared him to spray two whole bottles of Lynx body spray (Axe body spray is marketed as Lynx in England) on his shirtless chest. The 15-year-old, who decided to remain anonymous, described initially feeling cold. However, soon that cold sensation turned into a burning one. “At first it’s just cold. It’s not really a big thing. And then it starts to burn and you’re just there waiting for it to finish, “ remarked the teen

While the young teen was enduring the aftereffects that go along with dousing your bare chest with Axe body spray, his friend decided to test the limits and flick the young man’s nipples to see what would happen. “It was fine, it was all fine. Then the boy who was actually freezing my nipples, he flicked both my nipples. And that’s when the nipples fell off, “ disclosed the 15-year old to The Mirror. The boy described his severed nipples as looking like warts that had been detached from his body. 

Being that Axe body spray had just left this young teen sans nipples one might reason that he would have immediately sought medical attention. Instead, though, the teen simply took it in stride and went to his next class. In fact, he didn’t even notice when he started to bleed through his shirt following the incident. “I’m in German, just sitting, and my nipples are now gone. I’m just chilling, and then people are like, ‘Your shirt is bleeding,’” the boy continued, “And you just see two blood stains from both my nipples.” Still, even after the realization that he was in fact bleeding and after his German teacher asked him if he wanted to seek some medical treatment, the teen refused and went on about his day. 

Reflecting on the incident, the teen expressed “Now that I look back on it, it’s just like, it’s stupid, it happened. Now I’ve got no nipples.” Although, the 15-year-old also admitted that even though he thinks what transpired was stupid that the Axe body spray incident occurred at all he wouldn’t hesitate to go back and do it all over again. If nothing else, the teenager noted that people usually get a good laugh over the whole thing when he regales them with the story of how he lost both of his nipples at the hands of two cans of Axe body spray. 

All in all, fans of Axe body spray can take solace in the fact that using the product will most likely not result in any loss of nipples. The nipple-less teen certainly did not use the product in the way it was intended to be. However, maybe just as a precaution, it might be best to not spray Axe on a bare and unprotected chest