What Is The Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is a stylus that can be used for writing, sketching, and navigation

By Ryan Clancy | Published

Tech company Apple, with its stream of super-cool ground-breaking products, is here with the Apple Pencil, an iPad accessory like no other. If you own an Apple iPad, you need this accessory, and guess what? It is on sale too.

To simplify the technology, it is a stylus that can be used for writing, sketching, and navigation. Due to its incredible precision, it is an excellent tool that could be used for a range of professions, including design, drawings, art, or just general note-taking. It works with the range of Apple iPads available.

There is a plastic connector at the tip of the Apple Pencil that connects to the iPad’s display. The Apple pencil is made to feel just like an ordinary pencil, and it does. The differences between both generations of the Apple pencils are very few and far between, but the main changes are the design, charging capabilities, and their compatibility with the various iPad devices.

apple pencil

The first-generation pencil charges like the rest of the Apple technology through the original USB connector. Apple changed the second generation’s charging technology, and it charges through the iPad Pro by sticking it onto the right side of the iPad. It is held there with magnets while it charges. The second-generation pencil is a sleeker, more pencil-like structure. It is also more compact as it does not require a lightning port.

But the most significant difference is the compatibility with Apple iPads. With two different models of the Apple Pencil available, because Apple can never get anything right the first time, it may not be clear which pencil is right for you. The compatibility of both models is outlined on the Apple website. It contains a more extensive guide on its website to help technology novices select the correct generation of Apple Pencil for the correct iPad.

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Apple is the technology everyone wants; with its aesthetically pleasing design and easy-to-use iOS system, it’s the go-to product for anyone who likes to use technology. But like everything worth having, you have to pay for it, so discount events like Amazon prime day are excellent for consumers to have their technology and not the price tag. Apple Pencils for everyone.