Apple CEO Tim Cook Was Threatened At Gunpoint?

By Kristi Eckert | 4 months ago

When you work for a prominent company like Apple, security is always a concern. Maintaining personal safety while on the job for a high-profile company such as Apple is something to make priority from those on the ground at the retail level all the way up to those in executive positions, and that even includes the CEO themself. According to CNN, Apple CEO Tim Cook was granted a restraining order after allegedly receiving serious threats from one individual, including one that involved a loaded gun. 

Information obtained from a California court filing detailed that the women, whose identity has been kept anonymous, had been harassing Tim Cook for more than a year. The document showed evidence that the woman contacted the Apple CEO via his corporate email and social media handles. The attempted communications allegedly took place between October 2020 to October 2021. In the first month alone she sent nearly 200 messages. 

The messages sent by this woman to Tim Cook were described as “erratic, threatening and bizarre.” They purportedly included her desire for a sexual relationship with the CEO. At one point she went as far as to say that he had fathered her twins. The filing further detailed that the women quickly became frustrated when Tim Cook failed to respond to her advances. It was at this point that she asserted that she had lost patience and sent photos of a loaded gun.

However, the alleged message that included photos of the loaded gun was not meant as a threat to Tim Cook’s life. The court claim stated that the woman made threats to take her own life with the gun after she expressed she couldn’t go on any longer without Tim Cook in her life. After still not receiving the engagement from Tim Cook that she was seemingly after, the women took her exploits to new heights.

According to a police report made in October of 2021, the suspect drove cross country in an attempt to get ahold of Tim Cook at his personal residence. She was detained by law enforcement for trespassing on the Apple CEO’s property and for clearly communicating that she had the capacity to turn violent. 

The alleged stalker’s actions did not end there. In December of 2021, the seemingly unstable woman went so far as to try and start a new company by using Tim Cook’s name. After the fraudulent business was detected, the women purportedly demanded a payment from Tim Cook in the amount of $500 million dollars. The report regarding the matter stated that the woman said that that was the amount that she needed in order to move on. 

Unfortunately for Tim Cook, the suspect has yet to move on. In fact, according to the court filing, it is believed that she is likely still abiding in the San Francisco Bay Area near where the Apple CEO lives. And perhaps even more concerning than that is that there is a probability that she is armed. An initial hearing set to address the matter is scheduled for sometime in March of 2022.