t10 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Manual

By Asad | 9 months ago

Here is the t10 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Manual for you to easily configure it for your need

Bluetooth FM transmitter quick start guide

PIease read this guide to make the best use of this bluetooth FM transmitter


Bluetooth speCification∶ V40
Bluetooth profiles∶ HSP,HFP A2DP and AVRCP
FM frequency range∶ Full frequency
BIuetooth0perating distance∶ 30 feet
FM0perating distanCe:15 feet
UsB1 output: 5V/24A MAX
UsB2 output: 5V/1A

Product Diagram:

t10 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Manual

1) MuIti-funCtlon Buton
2) Bluetooth lndicator Light(bIue)
3) Display screen
4) MiCphone
5) Frequency Up/Down
6) PreVious/Next
7) Aux in
8) USB2 output: 5V/1A
9) UsB1 output: 5V/24A Max

Power on/off the FM Transmitter:

Power on: Plug the transmitter into the car cigarette socket.

Power off: Press the multifunction button for about 2 seconds until the blue indicator light goes off.

1.Plug the transmitter into the car cigarette socket, the product will power on and the indicator flashes mean its ready to pair.
2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone
3. Search for the Bluetooth devices and select “FM 25″.
4. 1f paring is successful, the blue indicator light will be always on
5. Tune the car FM radio frequency to an unused FM station.

6. Turn the FM transmitter into the same frequency as the Car FM radio
7. Now you Can enjoy your music through the car stereo

t10 Bluetooth FM Transmitter Manual 2

1  It will connect to the pre-set phone automatically when turns on. (Turn on the Bluetooth of your Cell phone first, and then turn on the product)

2 For the best audio quality, please turn the Volume of the cell phone and FM transn1itter into the max level.
3 If the noise is too loud, please try another FM frequency.

Answering Call:

For iPhone users∶
selection1: Press the Mu”i-funCat∶ on button∶
selection2: Press the“ AnsWer’ ’button of your iPhone and check your iPhone call menu look for the audio source and select the transmitter“FM25”

For Android User(such as Samsung, HTC, Sony etc)∶ 

Seleection1 Press the Multi-function button
SeIection2 Press the“ Answer” button on your phone

Ending a Call:
1 Press the Multi-function button

Rejecting a call :
1 Double ρress the MuⅡ function button

Playing music:
1 Play/Pause∶ short press the Mu”i-funCtion button
2 Next song: short ρress the button“ NeXt”
3 Previous song∶ short press the button“ Previous”

Volume control:
1 Volume down~turn the knob(multi-function) to the left.
2 Volume up~turn the knob(multi-function) to the right.