See DeLorean Relaunch With New Car Design

Go back to the future and take a first hand look at the all new and upcoming DeLorean.

By Joseph Farago | Published


DeLorean was once known as the car of the future. With its peculiar design and gull-wing doors, the vehicle was marketed as an advanced piece of modern technology. Now, the car is usually mentioned as a joke referring to the 80’s outdated sense of fashion and style. But lo and behold, DeLorean will be making a comeback in the upcoming months. Take a look at the official confirmation Tweet from the company below.

DeLorean makers are relaunching the Back To The Future vehicle by transforming it into a completely electric model. This is a shock to most consumers and movie-goers alike, who expected the ancient car to be a relic of the past. But the owners of the DeLorean’s branding rights announced this month that a model for the electric version would be on display this August. The model will be first shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, California’s automotive charitable car show.

The announcement came with a teaser of the DeLorean’s futuristic design. Though the image only shows the left taillight, it looks wildly different from the 1980’s retro style. The car has a sleek silver and black finish, with an electrifying, deep-red taillight. If the teaser indicates the DeLorean’s complete design, car aficionados better get ready for a highly lustrous electric DeLorean.

The DeLorean marketing campaign started earlier this year, indicating a new vehicle release in 2022. The DeLorean Motor Company began insinuating the car’s 21st-century model by launching a social media campaign. The first posts started with a cryptic slogan: “The Future was never promised.” Though it seems like the company wanted to make some reference to Back To The Future, the slogan doesn’t reveal a lot about the new DeLorean and its supposed electric battery.

For many, the DeLorean Motor Company’s recent campaign didn’t turn heads quite as expected. Unfortunately, the company has teased previous DeLorean redesigns in the past with no vehicular models to show for it. In 2016, the company distributed a teaser video for a the iconic car’s rebirth, but no car followed that ad campaign. In 2019, a collective of Stanford scientists posted a video of a self-driving DeLorean doing wild tricks and donuts, but no vehicles came from that stint either. Though DeLorean Motor Company has more to show in their ad campaign this time, consumers are still skeptical about the follow-through.

People’s doubts about a legitimate DeLorean remake are understandable. The car company only has a concept to display in August 2022 and has not indicated they’re prepared to make or distribute it. The electric-car version of the DMC-12 may not even have adequate funding from the company and its investors to mass manufacture the vehicle. Many questions are floating around about the car’s legitimacy and if it remains an unfinished concept, but these answers will hopefully come at the DeLorean’s Pebble Beach car show.

No one expected the DeLorean to make a comeback in 2022. For many Back To The Future lovers, an electric-vehicle redesign of the DMC-12 is a dream come true. We’ll have to wait and see if the DeLorean Motor Company wants to distribute a new vehicle or if the marketing campaign is only for an intangible concept.