Quit Smoking By Wearing A Necklace? See The Radical New Technology

A quit-smoking necklace called SmokeMon uses technology to pick up fluctuations in temperature, habits, and more can help smokers kick the bad habit.

By Ryan Clancy | Published

quit smoking necklace

 Smoking is an additive habit and something that is not very easy to give up. But there may be a new solution that makes dropping such a harmful habit a little easier. A smart device you wear around your neck, yes, a quit-smoking necklace, is in development for smokers trying to kick the bucket on their habit.

Smokers already know that their habit not only can put their lives at risk, but it can put the lives of people around them also. Due to how harmful smoking is to humans, there are plenty of options for people who want to quit this habit. The latest solution is a quit smoking necklace.

The quit smoking necklace is designed as a plain blue box with heat-sensing technology. Over time the box would be turned into a stylish pendant to suit more fashion-conscious customers. This device is being developed by researchers at Northwestern University. Its goal is to help people understand their smoking habits as a way to quit altogether.

For a lot of people who have given up smoking, they can start again just by having one or two cigarettes. This technology used in the quit smoking necklace shows the wearer that a slip is not a failure and that they just had a temporary setback, which is expected as they are only human. Once they realize this, they can shift their focus onto dealing with triggers and cravings.

The advantage of this new technology is that it detects the behaviour of the wearer leading up to their slip-up or relapse before they do. The quit smoking necklace uses heat sensors to pick up any heat radiating from a cigarette, and it collects a range of information from each cigarette the wearer has. This information includes how many puffs the wearer has per cigarette, how much smoke they inhale, and how long it takes to smoke an entire cigarette.

Compared to the leading industry product, the quit smoking necklace, called SmokeMon, showed similar accuracy and positive feedback from the participants in the study. The participants stated that the necklace was not uncomfortable and did not interfere with their life. While their researchers are happy with their preliminary results, they still need more data before it can be released for consumers to buy.

While it sounds promising, it still has to be tested in extreme weather like hot summer days and cold winter ones. If this is of interest to people to be involved in further research, contact them using this link here. By getting people to wear and review the product, the researchers can get real-time data on the effectiveness of the sensor for quitting smoking.

Smoking is a habit that many people across the globe have picked up; it is something that is incredibly harmful. While it is a widespread habit, it is one that has been successfully dropped by many people looking to live a healthier life. If this new giving up smoking necklace can help people overcome something that is just damaging their bodies, then it is definitely worth a try. You only get one body, so try to take care of it the best you can.