PSA Warns USA At Risk Of Nuclear Attack?

A Public Service Announcement released without warning has individuals fearing that a nuclear attack may be imminent.

By Kristi Eckert | Published

nuclear attack

We all currently live in a world defined by cutting-edge technology. These advancements are evident in everything from daily life to militaristic capabilities. And with a war raging overseas between Russia and Ukraine, thanks to the actions taken by the former, concerns of a third global war have been on the rise. Given that the world’s top figureheads have access to nuclear-grade weapons, it begs the question: if a war were to arise would these devastatingly powerful and destructive weapons be employed? Unfortunately, that risk may be more imminent than the public realizes. New York City just issued a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to its residents that explains what to do in the event of a nuclear attack, leaving people wondering if one is actually on the cusp of occurring. 

The PSA was released without any explanation as to why it was. The narrator in the video even elusively states “So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why. Just know that the big one has hit.” Needless to say, the video has caused an eruption of worry and concern among New Yorkers, highlighted ABC News. You can watch the PSA below or click here.

The key tips outlined in the video include getting inside as fast as one can, staying inside, and staying tuned for further information. Specific advice regarding what to do in the event of a nuclear attack like staying away from windows, heading to a basement or an interior room, and washing oneself immediately if they had been outside were also brought up in the minute-and-half-long PSA. 

The thing is, if New York City was the detonation target in a nuclear attack or near the blast radius, this advice would do little to help individuals. First, those within the immediate radius following the release of a nuclear weapon would be instantaneously obliterated. Second, folks who managed to escape the initial blast would soon succumb to the searing heat that would that follow. Those who were able to make it to underground shelters would eventually suffocate from lack of oxygen. Finally, the last of the last survivors would expire due to the nuclear attack’s penetrating radioactive fallout. This is all before the entire region is thrown into a nuclear winter. And, in time, many more individuals will perish as a result of both the nuclear winter and radiation exposure-induced cancers. 

Thus, it stands to reason, that this advice is either to somehow placate people into thinking survival is possible in the event of a nuclear attack. Or, it is meant to serve as advice for those a significant distance from the blast zone. Neither reason is comforting. That being said, as of now, there has been no indication that a nuclear attack is indeed imminent. That being said, if one did occur, the global fallout would make what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II look like nothing more than child’s play. Nuclear technologies have advanced to such a degree, and so many countries possess the technology now, that the utilization of those weapons would do much more than incite a third world war. It would, without a doubt, effectively ignite a global extinction event