How to Make a Website for School Project

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So you have your project concept finalized and want to give an impressive presentation about how much hard work you have put into our school project. This post will give you advice on how to make a website for a school project that will get you a good grade.

I will explain the process in simple steps so you do not have to over complicate things and keep everything straight forward and more focused on uploading your project efficiently.

It is imperative that you take your school project seriously and invest resources and time. It can be a project that remains live even after you graduate. For employers who see a student work live is a big positive to get hired. It shows that you are more professional and understand the meaning of taking the project seriously.

how to make website for school project

Process of Making Website

There are many ways of making a website for school projects. There are complicated ways and also simple ways of going about everything. However, I am not going to go into technical details but rather keep things as simple as possible.

These are the steps for going about making school websites easily.

  1. Buy a domain at SiteGround
  2. Get their StartUp Hosting
  3. Install WordPress or Upload website
  4. Using SiteGround Page builder make pages with content

Yes, this is it. You only need to do these four steps to make your school project worldwide access. Take it as an investment rather on your CV and it will distinguish you among your class fellows.

Nows lets into detail of each step briefly.

Buy Domain for Your School Project

Getting a domain is the easiest part. Head over to Siteground and look for the domain name you wish to register.

What is a Domain name?

A domain name is an address you write on your browser and press enter to visit that website. This is the first fundamental step that is necessary to make your website visible.

It can be the name you have given to your project. If your project has a long name then it may look cumbersome with a long domain name. The whole point of making a website is to think long term. The domain name should look good and shorter domain names look better than the longer ones.

You can choose an acronym or some other smaller name that feels more presentable

How to choose the TLD?

TLD is the part after the dot. It can be dot com, dot country, dot anything you can think of. I would recommend you to choose a TLD that is cheaper in the listing but still feels presentable.

2. What is Hosting?

Like you keep your files saved at your computer and have them available for yourself anytime after turning on your computer in the same way the website has to be accessible.

So here is the catch, you need to keep your website files saved at a place that is turned on 24/7 and anyone who wishes to see the website can click and see what is the website about.

SiteGround hosting means exactly that. It is a file storage system that helps to compile all the files together in the form of one website that can be made viewable. Siteground startup plan is one of the most frugal hosting available.

The hosting will keep the website remain to live for 99.9% of the time. This means that your website will ever go down or remain under regular maintenance. So in the future when you apply for jobs, your website will be accessible for everybody out there.

How you build your website is the topic of the next section. The summary of the hosting can be explained as

3. What is WordPress

Like a printing press that has all the right equipment available to begin printing the content and distribute it to the public. In the same way, WordPress is the management system or digital ready-made machinery that allows people with no website skills to make their website.

This is the reason I have recommended WordPress. It is extremely easy, you need no HTML/CSS knowledge but can still set up a website for your school project.

Should you get a Paid Theme?

It is totally upon your budget but for a school project website, I would recommend you go with free themes. They have lesser features than the paid ones but you do not need the perks of the paid theme because you are already getting the free page builder from SiteGround as I have explained in the next section.

4. Drag and Drop Website Builder

Developers are working hard for decades to make the website making process as easy as possible. WordPress is the website management system that allows you to make website pages with just good typing speed.

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To further improve the website page making process there are free plugins available that allow making content with drag and drop tools.

You can drag text boxes, animation boxes, tables, charts into the page builder and add special animation onto your website page. No knowledge of scripting is needed.

It can impress people who watch your school project as they see some boxes with content flowing in to populate the homepage with content.

One of the popular WordPress drag and drop builder is a visual composer or Divi builder. There are costly and are often overkill. With SiteGround hosting plans, you get the inbuilt SiteGround website builder for free.

This additional feature is actually quite meaningful because it will make your life a lot easier. The effects can really make your website stand out even further and leave a better impression on your instructor.

What is the Good Part

Everything is as easy as I have described and the good part is that your instructor and class fellows may not have to build a website ever before. Seeing that you have built an online platform to represent your website is an indication that you take responsibilities more seriously.

Why I am not recommending other Companies

Other hosting companies like BlueHost, HostGator (both are same), Kinsta, WpEngine, A2Hosting, GreenGeeks, etc are either expensive, have poor customer service, have high renewal fee or do not offer free page builders.

This website is hosted on SiteGround as well and I have shifted it from another cheap hosting company. I have not had any problems with SiteGround. Their support is top-notch and they provide all the benefits other competitors are offering.

To me, SiteGround lies at the sweet spot, not too cheap or expensive and offers the most benefits. This is what an economical deal is. As your website grows up you can consider the VPS plan at SiteGround for your school project hosting I recommend the StartUp plan to begin with.

website project of school semester

Final Thoughts

Making a website is no more daunting task. It can take you a day or two and your school project website can go live. It will be a new learning experience that will be a new skill added to your skillset.

You are already smart enough to think about making your school project accessible to everybody. Above mentioned steps are quite easy and that is the reason why almost every other business have their own websites up and running.