How To Clean Simonis Pool Cloth

By Asad | 9 months ago

Cleaning a pool table felt should be regular task. If you develop the habit of cleaning the table regularly and setting up some hard rules for chalking then you can save yourself from a big mess. How to clean a Simonis pool cloth is not that hard if done in the right way.

This post will focus on the steps you should do for the best results and then some tips to keep the table clean along with cleaner pool balls.

Steps To Clean Simonis Felt

  1. Take a soft non-rotating vacuum head and gently clean the felt with it. It will take most of the chalk out of the table.
  2. After you are done cleaning the cloth thoroughly, now damp a clean towel, it should not be wet but rather damp and clean the table with it. If the cloth is wet then it will make the chalk particles cling with one another and possibly form a clump that can produce inconsistent shots on the table.
  3. After the cloth has dried now is the time to gently brush away the remaining chalk. If you have Simonis-X available then it would be the best replacement for the brush.

Make sure that you quickly apply Simonis-X after the cloth has dried otherwise the fibers will erect on the table and can produce inconsistent stroke results on the table.

Tips To Keep Table Clean

  1. Try to clean the table with the above-mentioned steps one a week and try to clean the table daily with Simonis – X.
  2. Make it a habit to chalk the cue behind the table. For guests coming over either inform them orally or display a board that clearly states to chalk the cue behind the table. Chalking on the table leaves more chalk then the impact of tip and the cue ball.
  3. Clean the pool ball regularly. It wont take much times to clean the pool balls regularly with baking soda. Chalk builds up on the cue ball that gets transferred to the object balls and hence on the table.
  4. Clean the cue shaft regularly, it also has chalk build-up and can transfer into the table.
  5. Instead of using talcum powder for a smoother bridge wear a glove, it will give the same or even better results.