How Much Traffic can a Shared Hosting Handle

By Asad | 1 year ago

As time passes by, it is getting somewhat tricky and difficult to find a reliable hosting plan. The hosting businesses are growing day by day with a variety of solutions. There are several hosting types such as shared hosting, dedicated server hosting and more, but the question is, which is the best and most suited for your needs.

Selecting the one according to your needs is vital for the success of a website or online business. It is also necessary to check out how much traffic, can your shared or any other hosting can handle efficiently. Here we will talk about the shared hosting and let’s check out why how it is suitable for your business and why people prefer shared hosting plans.

What is Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting, your website is hosted on a server with several other websites. Each website is under the separate control of the webmaster.

Furthermore, the thing that most users like about shared hosting is that users are free of all kinds of server issues and monitoring. These features make shared hosting the most affordable solution on the market at the moment.

Another significant benefit of shared hosting is the convenience of CPanel and SSL Encryption. Despite these benefits, the quality and reliability of hosting servers and providers are essential.

Yes! The Quality of Shared Hosting Matters

Now, this brings us to the topic of this post “how much traffic can a shared hosting handle?” In our opinion, there is no straightforward answer to this question. In fact, you will get the appropriate answer to this question from your hosting providers or the quality of shared hosting.

  • Poor hosting can result in choking when the traffic is too much on your site. Good shared hosting can easily handle the heavy traffic.
  • A poor quality shared hosting will adversely affect the bandwidth. In a few cases, it is also seen that after bandwidth is affected, the hosting providers refer to the dedicated servers as a solution. Conversely, an excellent shared hosting provider, can support multiple websites at the same time, even during the occasions and holidays.
  • In some poor hosting, too many users are crammed simultaneously on a single server which reduces the capabilities of the server. A good hosting provider will manage the requirements as per the needs on each server.

As for the Traffic

Best-shared hosting can efficiently handle tens or hundreds of visitors daily. Yes, it can! But the poor service provider will choke when your website starts to boom on search engine’s ranking.

The amount of traffic that shared hosting can handle also depends on the nature and type of the content of your website. A website that only contains simple text and approximately manages 100,000 users or even more.

On the other hand, a website that has multiple videos, several scripts and HD images cannot handle that much visitors irrespective of the quality of the hosting server.

OverSelling of Hosting Space

Many companies well established like BlueHost, Hostgator and lesser known startups tend to oversell the same hosting space for as many websites as possible.

Good hosting companies such as SiteGround keep a quality control over the amount of websites that can be kept on their hosting space. This is why I recommend them because they will ensure that you are able to at least serve the traffic they claim that they can provide with their hosting packages.

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At SiteGround from 10,000 to 100,000 traffic can be served with no difficulties. This includes organic, referral and direct traffic that can show up on your website.

PBNS as Traffic Killers

Cheap hosting comes at the risk of private blog networks hosted with in the same hosting space as you have hosted your money website on. In such a situation, Google may have already blacklisted the IP your website is operating from.

To get how many websites are operating on your IP address you can simply do a Google search. There are plenty of tutorials out there. You can get the list of websites, click on each one of them and judge the quality of content they are serving. At SiteGround they keep a check on illegal activities and it is made sure that all websites lie in a clean neighborhood.

In worst case, if your IP is blacklisted, the question, how much traffic can a shared hosting can handle goes totally out of scope. Mainly because of the fact that Google does not trust your website and will not send organic traffic. So if there is no traffic coming then there is no pointing in measuring the traffic.

Only direct and referral traffic will come on such a website. Direct and referral traffic are not a reliable source to build website on. Over the passage of time the amount of such traffic can reduce dramatically. A good content creator will make sure that the main sourc of traffic are the people searching on search engines.

Wrapping it up

Every hosting service provider is different from the other. So, if you are about to get a shared hosting plan for your website or online business, we will advise you to check out the consumer reports and reviews about the company. Check out if there is any brand being hosted by the company, if yes, what their opinion about the service is.

It will help you a lot. And you will be able to tackle issues before they arrive. Similarly, always checkout for the support and customer care department of the company. By doing this, you can rest assured that someone is there for you all the time.

Lastly, no matter what type of website you are running, you just can’t afford the decline in your business due to any issue.