Ford Fiesta Key1 Key2: Everything You Need To Know

By Asad | 9 months ago

1) Our Unit have 3 cables for the steering wheel function (GND cable, Key 1 and Key 2 cable)
a) GND cable connects to negative
b) Key 1 and Key 2 cable connect to the vehicle to get the function for the buttons on the steering wheel
2) First, Uninstall the original head unit from the vehicle
3) Unplug all the cables
4) Connect the cables for the speakers, power and radio antenna.)
5) The rest of the cables are for the steering wheel control function. GND Key1, Key2

Basically, the headunit produces 5V from Key 1 or 2
then when grounding it makes the loop
so that when you press a button on your steering wheel, then the headunit detects the approprate
voltage drop and reacts to that.

ford-fiesta key1 key2

How to find out the steering wheel control function on the vehicles

Use the multimeter , to touch any 2 of the cables, then press any button on the steering wheel . Until
the beep sound is “On” on the multimeter , then that means those 2 cables are for the steering wheel
control, if no beep sound when try the first 2 cables, then try the rest of the two cables until got the
beep sounds.

Once found the cables (2 or 3) on different vehicles
Then just connect those cables from the vehicles to the key 1 and key 2 cable on our unit, then go to the
steering wheel setup page on our unit, and set the function for all the buttons on the steering wheel
controls to our unit


Our unit is only compatible to the analogue steering wheel control. If you have digital steering wheel
control you may need to use an adapter.