The New Thing Coming To Ikea Stores

Ikea is making additions to a select number of its US stores. The home goods retailer is bringing electric charging to its parking lots.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published


Ikea is well-known for its wide variety of DIY, self-assembly furniture selections. You can go to one of its monstrous stores and get lost for hours on end drooling over the broad product selection. They are famous for their innovative storage and design techniques for small spaces. And customers love stopping by the countless display rooms to get ideas. Ikea also loves to stay on the cutting edge of design, so they remain relevant in the news.

That is why it is no surprise that Ikea is making waves, once again, with their latest announcement. They recently announced a partnership with Electrify America. Electrify America produces fast chargers and charging stations for electric vehicles. Together, Ikea and Electrify America will be installing fast charging stations at 25 stores across the US.

These fast charging stations will start showing up at Ikea stores toward the end of 2022, and the project will be complete by the end of 2023. All in all, 200 fast chargers will get installed in 18 different states. Ikea customers in California, Washington, Texas, New York, and Florida are just some of the lucky ones on the receiving end of this partnership.

The joint project with Ikea is part of a much larger expansion plan that Electrify America announced in 2017. Their ultimate goal is to install over 10,000 fast chargers across North America within 2-3 years. At their fast charging stations, drivers can charge their vehicles at rates between 150kW to 350kW. 

Installing fast chargers at Ikea stores is only a part of their overall growth strategy. Electrify America plans on investing approximately $2 billion in the zero-emission industry over the course of ten years. They will be nearly halfway through this planned expansion by the end of 2022. The fast charging stations are only part of a broader plan. The company also plans to include educational programs and steps to improve accessibility.

For Ikea customers, this means that by the time you make your way through every level of the store and finish your Swedish meatballs for lunch, your car will be fully charged. The fast charging stations are particularly great news for those who travel a great distance to do their shopping at Ikea. They will not have to worry about adding an additional stop on their lengthy journey.

But the charging stations will not just be available for customers. They will also serve Ikea’s own fleet of vehicles. The company has made the news regularly in recent years for its goal of being an eco-friendly company. They have planned numerous steps they will be taking to reach their sustainability goals by 2030.

And those goals are lofty. According to Ikea’s website, its mission is “To meet the challenges of unsustainable consumption, climate change, and growing inequality, we are – in collaboration with partners, co-workers, and customers – taking ambitious steps towards a more sustainable future.” Building a strong partnership with Electrify America is but one step along their roadmap to a sustainable future.