How Two Earthquake Survivors Were Kept Alive Because Of Their Bedroom

A couple was able to survive the earthquake in Turkey by means of sheer luck; the couple chose to stay in bed, and as the walls caved in around them, they fell around the bed, creating a tent-like pocket that allowed them to live.

By Trista Sobeck | Published

earthquake survivors

As we start to see more and more natural disasters, whether caused by climate change or just changes in the Earth that cause earthquakes, we are always surprised about how people can survive–whether through luck or grit–just about anything. As we start to see more and more natural disasters and learn how they can happen anywhere at any time, we start to understand how earthquake survivors adjust, survive, and carry on.

According to NPR, a young couple in Turkey survived the recent earthquake to become actual earthquake survivors just by staying in bed. The young earthquake survivors awoke around 3:00 AM when they started feeling the Earth shake. Not long after that initial shake, the couple’s walls fell in and formed a shelter for them on their bed. 

It was pure luck that the young couple survived. They say that they had to stay in bed and not move. They also tell a tale that many earthquake survivors tell: they prayed. They prayed together, saying they both came from God and were ready to return to him. However, when only an hour and a half passed and the couple heard shouts and felt the cold air, they knew they were one of the lucky ones. 

Those who became earthquake survivors in Turkey survived due to structures falling and forming small tents around them. For a small time, they were at least protected from more falling debris and were a bit protected from more aftershocks and the elements. Those on the scene also reported that the weather was not hot, so people could stave off dehydration for a longer period. 

One of the many earthquake survivors included a seven-year-old child who could stay alive because she was stuck near the refrigerator with fallen walls around her. Like the couple on the bed, she was kept safe from more debris and even had food because she was right by the refrigerator.

Many folks practice food storage and prepping so they can stay alive. These survivalists want to be ready for any type of disaster so they can simply survive. This seven-year-old child was able to have her food prep within her reach. 

Earthquake survivors have many things in common with those who have survived an avalanche. Colorado was recently under advisement to be aware of avalanches. Unlike earthquakes, folks do not tend to survive an avalanche.

With earthquakes, you at least can get lucky, like in the stories told above. But with an avalanche, you must contend with the intense cold and are probably in a remote location where you cannot be heard. As the world changes around us and because of us, we must learn to continue to survive, much like the earthquake survivors in Turkey.

And whether climate change is the cause of increased natural disasters or it’s simply the natural progression of the Earth, we have to remember that we have only one planet to live on. We need to come to terms with the fact that if things continue the way are; there will soon be nothing left. And if that sentiment stresses you out, it should. We still have a little bit of time to do something about it.