The Best Produce To Buy Amid Soaring Inflation

Inflation is strangling the United States, that being said there are certain produce products that you can buy cheaply right now.

By Kristi Eckert | Published


Inflation has been wreaking havoc on the United States. Costs for virtually everything are severely bloated. From gas to food and everything in between, the higher prices mean that every penny counts for many individuals at present. That being said, it’s important to know how best to save on certain essentials during this harrowing time. Fresh produce is likely at the tippy top of that essentials list for many families, which is why it’s important to know which fruits and veggies are most affordable right now. 

When buying up fruits and vegetables for prices that are sure to be at their lowest points, it’s vital to know which produce is in season at any given time. If it is in season that means that there will be an abundance available. More supply inherently drives prices downward, even during periods of inflation. Additionally, when something is in season it means that it is easier to obtain from local or domestic growers. This cuts down on shipping costs, which is in turn reflected in the price you pay for any fresh fruit or vegetable. 

All that being said, so what exactly are the fresh fruits and veggies you should be focusing on purchasing now, given that here in the United States we are deeply in the throes of a heat-washed summer? According to CNET, on the fruit side of the produce section, you should be looking to purchase melons, stone fruits, and berries. And on the veggie side, you should be looking for tomatoes (we know this is technically a fruit, but who really thinks about it or eats it like a fruit?), corn, summer squash, and green beans. 

Robert Schueller, director of public relations for produce wholesaler Melissa’s, gave some keen advice in relation to the inflation-combatting produce picks. For instance, Melons like Watermelon, Cantelope, and Honeydew, are in peak season between June and October. Schueller says that during this time these fruits are so abundant that one can expect them to be as much as 40 cents per pound cheaper than during the non-peak season. As far as the stone fruits go look for cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, and pluots. Peaches in particular can be found much cheaper during the summer months, especially if you happen to live in an orchard state. Georgia doesn’t have the peach as a state symbol without good reason, mind you. For berries, the window is closing fast, however, most can be found at lower prices until about mid-August. 

Veggies tend to be a cheaper produce on the whole compared to fruits, however, the aforementioned varieties are notoriously low cost during the summer months. This is particularly true for green beans during July and August. Also, veggie deals are usually more abundant at farmer’s markets and farms that offer self-picking opportunities. That latter can also be a fun activity for the whole family to partake in. 

Lastly, when all else fails, there is one type of produce that can be touted as ol’ reliable. This produce is a staple that, despite being in season or otherwise, can always be found for a tried and true relatively cheap price. It is none other than the banana. Thus, the ultimate takeaway is that regardless of any season and any inflationary period, the banana will always have your back.