Apple Watch’s New Crash Detection Feature Literally Is A Lifesaver, Here’s Why

A survivor of a would-be fatal car crash took to social media to share his story regarding how Apple Watch's new crash detection feature saved his life.

By Jennifer Hollohan | Published

The new Apple Watch and iPhones released this year have a new feature. That feature is something called Crash Detection. And thanks to the unlikely experience of one driver, that feature is not front and center in the news.

Crash Detection will sense a severe car crash. If you are in an accident, your iPhone or Apple Watch will sound an alarm. It also displays an alert that reads, “It looks like you’ve been in a crash.”

The Apple Watch will also tap on your wrist and chime. If you are responsive, you can use the prompts to call emergency services. Or you can dismiss the alert.

If a driver is unresponsive, the Crash Detection feature prompts an automatic call to emergency services after 20 seconds. After the new feature rolled out, some attempted to test it, according to BGR. But no one really wanted to try hard enough to sustain injuries.

Now, news of a serious crash is making rounds around the internet. And the driver happens to own the Apple Watch Series 8. He posted his experience on Reddit. 

He said, “CRASH DETECTION WORKS. Tire blew out and I hit a telephone pole going about 70. Head against the wheel, continuous honking, smoke coming for the car.” 

He continued, “Felt the little haptic that authorities were being called. This was in the middle of nowhere so if it weren’t for the watch, who knows how long I would’ve been there. Next thing I know I’m being hauled away in the ambulance.”

He sustained serious injuries but is thankful to be alive. He strongly believes that “I’m sure I would’ve been found eventually but there’s no doubt the S8 made it quicker. Check your tires. Be safe friends.”

And he ended with some heartfelt advice. “If you own the new products, turn that crash detection ON!” However, the Crash Detection feature defaults on automatically on the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8.

apple watch
Apple Watch Series 8

The driver is quite grateful he received emergency assistance rapidly, thanks to the Crash Detection feature. He even sent a note to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Cook responded merely hours later to wish him well.

But the new Crash Detection has even more optional features available. Owners of an Apple Watch or iPhone can add emergency contacts. If you are in a crash, your device will automatically alert them.

It will tell them you were in a crash and let them know your location. That alone is great news for anxious parents of new teenage drivers. If your kiddo has that feature enabled, you will know immediately if something happens.

Additionally, you can set up your Medical ID within the Crash Detection system. It will add a Medical ID slider to your device. That way, emergency personnel can quickly and readily access your pertinent medical information.

While Crash Detection is on by default, you can take some steps to ensure your system meets your needs. Hopefully, you will never need it. But it can’t hurt to hit the road prepared.