Best Camcorder Under 300

So you are looking for best camcorder under 300 dollars. You have landed on the right page. You will not only have a list of best camcorders under this budget but also we have compiled a list of important features that define the quality of a camcorder.

There are tons of brands out there and it will become extremely confusing to decide which camcorder is the best. To sort out this tricky situation, below list will help you take a decision within a matter of little time. This is a long article and we highly encourage you to read the entire article.

We have considered many factors and measured each product based on quality. No compromise has been made on new unreliable brands.  300 dollars is a healthy budget for a camcorder you may not get features offered by high-end feature like a projector but your budget is enough to get you a great camcorder.

Sony HDR-CX405Click Here2.3 MP2.7''215 grams1080p
Canon Vixia HF R700Click Here3.28 MP3.0''235 grams1080p
GoPro Hero5 SessionClick Here10 MP1.5'' Touch144 grams4k
Panasonic HC-V180KClick Here2.51 MP2.7'' Touch211 grams1080p
Canon Vixia HF R800Click Here3.28 MP3.0'' Touch310 grams1080p



Before we do the detailed reviews of the best camcorders lets do quick comparisons.

Canon VIXIA HF R800 vs Sony HDR-CX405

Canon Vixia R800 offers the wifi connectivity which will make the data transfer with your laptop data cable free. Sony CX 405 is still going the old way of transfer through USB.

Resolution is same for both camcorders but Canon offers more frame per second options with 24, 30, 60. With sony hdr cx405 you can only record at 30 fps.

Hf r800 has much better focal length with the ability to record adjust zoom to pick up closer objects and also the far ones. Hdr-cx405 doesnot offer this much flexibility.

Vixia comes with loads of accessories in box like cable, converters, battery packs while sony does not offer anything outside of an average camcorder package.

Our Verdict: Canon VIXIA HF R800 vs Sony HDR-CX405  comparision has clear winner and that is vixia hf R800. The price tag is higher but you get more features.


Sony HDR-CX405

Best Camcorder Under 300

The model boasts Exmor R CMOS sensor and a wide zoom lens with 30 times zooming capability called Carl Zeiss. The sensor provides smooth videos by sensing low light conditions and uses sony’s feature of SteadyShot image balancing with Intelligent Active Mode. In addition, the sensor serves the purpose of maximizing the light gathered per pixel by relocating the pixels. This works great under low light conditions and makes into the list of best camcorder under 300 dollars.

It can capture 1080p videos shots and can also take high-resolution images from its 9.2 Megapixel camera. The storage device is the memory stick or Micro SD card. You can play what is recorded on the 2.7’’ side flipping LCD which has dot resolution of 230k.


Recording capability of the camera is via XAVC S codec which can go up to 50 MB/s. Another plus point is the ability to record two versions of the same video. One high resolution for TV and another MP4 version which can be used to upload on websites. As mentioned above, this model includes the Intelligent Auto Mode which measures different factors and then automates the best settings which suit the condition. For example, if you are shooting in low light conditions then, the camera will automatically adjust camera settings that best suits for the recording.

Cameras have 10 different scene modes which can be used in sixty different combinations. You can experiment and choose which suits your style the most. Charging and transfer of files are done by the USB 2.0 cable. The camera operates on an X type battery. The charger which comes along can be used to charge the battery.


Sensor: 2.3 MP
Focal Length: 1.9 – 57mm
Zoom: Optical 30x, Digital 350x
Max Recording Resolution: 1920 x 1080p at 60fps
Still Image: Yes 9.2 MP
LCD: 2.7’’ – 230k dot resolution
Built-in Mic: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Weight: 190g (main unit), 215 (with  NP-BX1)

Canon VIXIA HF R700

Best Camcorder Under 300

Canon has employed Range balancer integrated with 57x zoom on HF R700. Indicating that whether you stand too close or too far away, the intelligent system will optimize the focus for the best results. The image sensor on this unit is 3.28MP and has a fine digital image processor capable of recording 1080p videos at 60 frames per second. The sensor is capable of recording high-resolution videos with natural colors. Low light does not affect the video resolution as the sensor is optimised to balance that out. Some of the reasons why it makes into the list of best camcorder under 300 dollars

The side flipping LCS measures 3’’ and videos are either recorded in MP4 or AVCHD formats. All these recordings are done on SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. Keeping beginner users in mid, canon has included the automated system which auto adjusts itself to control setting of zoom, image shaking and other controls to best manage the recording process.

The camera also supports the fast and slow-motion recording that is aided by a high capacity battery. Canon has included an advanced DIGIC DV 4image processor on board to increase noise reduction. As unwanted signals are cut off from the recording, you will get brighter, higher definition images even in very low light conditions. While recording, the chip removes the diagonal noise which helps in seeing even fast moving objects.


With the 57x advanced zoom, you will also get the perks of side touch 3’’ LCD screen. With a small touch, you can activate the screen. You can track objects which are in motion, control selected areas exposure to the lens, change the focal length and operate at your desired conditions. It will take some experimenting buy you will soon understand the importance of each feature and when to utilize it. Home button on the screen will take you to all the functions. Canon has devised a very easy to understand user interface.

Like Sony, Canon also provides its smart automated system to record videos at automatically optimised conditions called the Smart AUTO system. Out of 38 situations and with the help of sensor, Smart Auto will auto adjust the setting for best results. Another interesting feature is the Baby Mode. Upon activating the mode, the camcorder automatically adjusts the settings and starts tracking the baby movements. You can store your baby age and weight in the camera and it will auto calculate the baby age for future videos. All recording will be stored in a special baby album. This will allow viewing your baby recordings chronologically.


Sensor: 3.28 MP
Focal Length: 2.8 – 89.6mm
Zoom: Optical 32x, Digital 1140x
Max Recording Resolution: 1920 x 1080p at 60fps
Still Image: No
LCD : 3’’ Touch, 230k
Built-in Mic: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Wi-Fi: No
Weight: 235g (main unit), 305g (with  BP-727)


GoPro HERO5 Session

Best Camcorder Under 300

Do not judge this camera by its size it offers great features and functionality. It can record 4K resolution video at 30 frames per second and 1080p resolution at 90 frames per second. That is an excellent frames rate that will give extremely smooth video flow. 10MP photo shots can be taken by the same rectangular prism of the camera. This is a must cam to include into the list of best camcorder under 300 dollars.

GoPro has made this camera extremely tough and has made sure that it is shockproof and waterproof up to a depth of 33 feets. You will get 3-pronged mounts to attach the camera to your surfboard, your helmet, your selfie stick or even on a musical instrument. You can release the GoPro by quick releases.

Hero5 comes with one button touch will open up the menu functions. While the camera is off, you can press record button will immediately begin video recording. This is great for situations where there is very little time to respond and turn on the camera. Hero5 has audio recognition system. It will analyse your voice command and by saying simple words you can start or stop video recording or initiate picture bursts.


On 2.7k widescreen, you can set up a wide variety of video recording modes. The recording modes are easier to set up and will take up some experimentation before you can completely understand how the Hero5 works. By using auto-exposure you can get a single shot. You can also get manual control of exposure if interested in the less off-the-cut footage. By employing special codes Hero5 makes sure that best audio is captured by its inbuilt mic.

In addition, two different video modes, you can also make use of great still pictures modes as well. Turn on the burst mode and take up to 30 pictures with a single burst. You can set the picture burst time from 1 to 6 seconds. In addition, you can also use the time lapse mode and track the traffic, sunset, sunrise, stars movements, cloud movement. You get the control of setting time lapse mode from 2 times a second to once every minute.


Sensor: 10MP
Zoom: Optical 32x, Digital 1140x
Max Recording Resolution: 4k 3840 x 2160p at 30fps
Still Image: Yes, 12Mp
LCD: YES Touch
Built-in Mic: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Weight: 117g, 144g with case

Panasonic HC-V180K

Best Camcorder Under 300

From a big or small distance, it does not matter you can capture 1080p resolution videos from Panasonic HC-V180K. The wide-angle lens with reasonable focal length can take in big light beams and capture a wider view. HC-V180K has optical zoom capacity of 50x and has a unique 90x intelligent zoom range capacity. Because of big focal length, you can fit in a very large group photo into the screen. Therefore we included it in the list of best camcorder under 300 dollars

Like drones gimbal which provide stability across many axis, HC-V180K also offers stability along 5 axis. This ensures that the image is not shaky and you can have a more smooth and vibration free video. Panasonic has integrated a 2 channel mic that zooms to keep pace with the movement to provide good audio. The added bonus of big focal length combining with the improved audio pick up allows capturing voice from an even variable distance.


The intelligent zoom functionality onboard helps in making the images sharper with digital zoom and image up-scaling. The 5 axis balance along pan, tilt, roll, horizontal and vertical will help you record vibration fewer videos even without the help of any gimbal or tripod. Like Canon and Sony, Panasonic’s level shot automates the correction in titling images. Its adjustable to three different level depending on your choice of recording.

You can record even in low light by the help of illuminated sensor which further suppresses the image noise. Image noise is the spikes or roughness that is recorded. It is the unwanted signal and it is necessary for your camcorder to filter that out so you can see noiseless crisp videos. Different creative controls are available to experiment with like Silent Move, Miniature Effect, 8mm Movie and Time Lapse Recording.


Sensor: 2.51MP
Focal Length: 2.06 – 103mm
Zoom: Optical 50x, Digital 3000x
Max Recording Resolution: 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps
Still Image: Yes, 10Mp
LCD: YES 2.7’’ Touch Screen, 230,400-pixel count
Built-in Mic: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Wi-Fi: No
Weight: 211g with case

Canon VIXIA HF R800

Best Camcorder Under 300

Compact design by Canon which can assist you any kind of conditions. The 57x advanced zoom will ensure that you get great shots from great distance.  Videos are also recorded in MP4 formats separately to support the web Format. Canon has also included the backlight correction on HF R800. This is an intelligent and sophisticated technology which will even illuminate a dark object in front of the sun. The correction process analyses the video signal and focuses on the subject of interest and lowers resolution from objects over bright.

You can record 1080p videos with the 3.28MP sensor.  The sensor analyses the condition and produces great definition videos even under low light conditions. This is further strengthened by noise reduction carried out at all frames, producing lively and spikes fewer videos for you. Noise reduction is further achieved by DIGIC DV 4 image processor. These excellent features forced to publish it into our list of best camcorder under 300 dollars.

With variable focal length, you can enjoy great flex while shooting. Another cool feature is the variable zoom speed which you can employ with some experience to add professional effect to your videos. Like Panasonic 5 axis stability, Canon Vixia HF R800 can balance camera shakes which ensure that even at long distance videos without a tripod are sharp and smooth. You can enjoy distortion free video recording by moving the camera horizontally, vertically or even along roll axis while shooting.


All recording is stored on SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. The LCD is capacitive touch and very sensitive. It measures 3’’ and a feeble touch activates the display.  The easy user experience designed by Canon makes your shooting controls very easy. You can do a fast and slow-motion recording with this unit. You can even get HDR kind of video quality by setting the camera to Highlight Priority Mode. This is further strengthened by backlight correction, which makes great videos even in bright light in the background.


Sensor: 3.28MP
Focal Length: 2.8 – 89.6mm
Zoom: Optical 57x
Max Recording Resolution: 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps
Still Image: Yes, 2.07Mp
LCD: YES 3’’ Touch Screen, 230,000-pixel count
Built-in Mic: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Weight: 240g – 310g(BP-727)


Since you are looking to buy the best camcorder under 300 dollars. There is some basic education of camcorder which you need to get. This buying guide will help you understand the different features of camcorders. Select what suits you the best.

It can be tricky to read these points for the first time. Try reading it few times before you completely grasp the concept. Here are some of the features to understand:


There are tons of camcorders out there. They offer different resolutions and frame rates, they record the videos. Bigger the resolution is more will be the size of video and more will be the space required to save the video.

Typically, most of the camcorders offer High Definition 1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixel videos these days. The same camcorders are also available for recording at 720p or 1280 x 720 resolution. However, with the advent of 4K resolution, many camcorders are offering this recording resolution as well. But these camcorders are more expensive than the HD camcorders. In addition, 4K is double in resolution to 1080p and is at 2160p or 3840 x 2160 pixel matrix.

To view results from a 4K recording you need to buy a 4K TV and an HDMI cord. Conventional or more common 1080p TVs will not be able to display 4K videos.


This is one of the most common features on camcorders. You must have seen people holding a camera in one of their hands and there is a small screen which is displaying what they are recording. However, it is part of few action cams like from GoPro.

Some camcorders offer wide aspect ratio in the form of widescreen LCD. Other camcorders even offer touch screen for the LCD but they are more expensive than the simple non-touch camcorders. Some LCDs can be tough to use in bright sunlight. This is a drawback which can be a problem if you are recording something for professional use.

Another drawback of side LCD camcorders is the extra power utilized by the LCD for its operation. Such camcorders drain the battery faster than non-screen camcorders.


Another great feature which has changed camcorder recording is the non-wobbling video recorder. Camcorders are equipped with electronic or optical balance which makes the video non-shaky. You can also mount the camcorder on a tripod to get best results but that would take the purpose of holding camcorder without your hand. If you are buying a low-end camcorder and experiencing shaking then try holding the camera with both hands.


This is a great feature which compiles a great number of controls into an automated switching. As soon as you begin recording and have set the camera to auto switching your camera will quickly adjust the color equilibrium, the speed of the shutter, aperture, and focusing of the camera.


A common problem with cameras these days is an inability to focus. Cameras struggle to focus and it can be annoying at times when you tap back and forth on an object but it still goes out focus. Camcorders come with this facility that it automatically focuses on objects of interest. Better the focus camera has sharper will be the image. In short, cameras need to focus appropriately to record better definition of an object under the lens.


Focal length determines the magnification of an image. The longer the focal length is, the closer a distant object will appear on the camera and more it will fill the viewfinder. Similarly, a camera with short focal length with wide angle lens will allow getting more object into an image. Therefore, choose what kind of lens you need, if you want to capture distant object with great quality then go for big focal length. If you plan to be capturing big views or even great sceneries then go for a short focal length camera.


This is the ability to zoom into and get more details from the scene. You can press a button on the user interface and zoom deeper to catch more useful details. Some people confuse zoom with digital zoom.

Digital zoom is the ability to zoom into what is recorded on the screen. The recording zoom will not lose quality as you zoom in while for optical zoom the more you zoom in more quality will be lost. You can read more about zooming power lens by reading our binoculars guide.

Optical zoom relies on the optical lens of the camcorder. You can typically zoom into 10x or 50x in a more expensive camcorder. It all depends on your budget and personal preference.


Camcorders these days are able to record 3D videos. This feat is achieved by taking two images separate for left and right eye. These two images, when combined with the software, make a visual which gives the feeling of depth when visualized by the brain.

The brain combines both left and right side image into a smooth 3D image with an aid of 3D glasses. It is the 3D glasses help in breaking the image on the screen separately for left and right eye.


Some camcorders also offer tiny projectors. These projectors are located on the backside of the flipping LCD. Projector camcorders are more expensive than simple camcorders. It is an add-on feature which will help in giving theatre look in your home. You can project the video on to a blank white wall or you would have to buy a separate projector sheet. It depends on your budget and style. We try at Tell Me Best to find most reasonable items under different budgets.


Although a feature which is getting obsolete with the passage of time but some camcorder still offer viewfinder to compose a shot. This helps in battery conservation but is difficult for the eye to deal with for a longer time.

Camcorders which accompany the viewfinder offer the feature of recording without the LCD. This indicates that the power used by the battery will be lowered. In return, you will get more battery time.


Camcorders with the ability to have Wi-Fi are still evolving. As with every year more sophisticated camcorders are coming into the market. The main idea is to transfer data from your camcorder into your storage device, probably the laptop.

Some brands are also offering to control the camcorders with their apps. Simply download the app from Play store or App store and search for your wifi camcorder signals. Once connected, open the app and see easy to changes control on your big mobile screen.

Conventional camcorders, employ USB cord to connect to your storage device. Wifi is getting common with every year and represents the future of camcorders. But Wifi is wireless communication and requires signals strength to propagate. This further indicates the battery usage and hence lower recording time. It is advisable to turn on the Wifi only when you want to do the data transfer.


Your camcorder should have a strong build. It should be made of a material that will be able to withstand wear and tear with the passage of time. Most importantly, cameras are mostly used outdoors and it can become a problem if you begin recording in misty condition or over a boat while fishing.

Therefore, make sure that that camera you are buying is waterproof and shockproof.

4k OR HD

If you want to buy a great quality recording camera go for full-size 4K camcorder. If you need a more portable camera which you can handle easily while on adventures then go for an action cam. It is a decision of personal preference and style of recording.


A camcorder is available on a wide variety of weights. If you are recording on a tripod then the weight is not a problem for you. However, if you are recording on your hands then look for something lighter in weight. The drawback of low weight camcorders is they are typically low-end budget and can be of the build which is not durable. But if you go for strong material buy lightweight camcorder then the price will be on the higher end.


If you do not get a good audio recorded then is it really worth it? Make sure that your chosen camcorder has every low noise recording ratio. Usually, camcorders themselves are not able to record good quality sound. That is why some of the models include a jack to plug in an external mic for recording the audio.


Camcorders are manufactured by a lot of brands. Some are pretty well established while the others are still finding their way to earn the customers confidence. Here are some of the great brands.


Canon is a well-established brand and offers diverse features specifically Wi-Fi camcorders. Their camcorders are integrate-able with Eye-Fi SD memory cards.


This is the leader of camcorders and provides the biggest collection of the camcorder of all kinds of features. From low end to high-end 4k Projector camcorders. Sony has it all and also caters to athletes by producing high-quality action cameras.


Samsung does not specialize in camcorders like Sony but still offers camcorders for beginners who wish to upload videos directly on to Youtube with one-touch upload feature.


This is another brand for someone just entering the camcorder market and wants to get high definition low weight pocket camcorders. Vivitar also provides 3D capable and Wi-Fi camcorders.


The most famous brand for providing the action camcorders. If you are looking for a waterproof and shockproof camera then GoPro is your landing zone. You can mount the camera on your helmet, surfboard, skateboard or where ever you prefer.


Another brand which offers reliable waterproof camcorders. JVC offers built-in Wi-Fi cameras with ease an addon of live monitoring via a smartphone app. They typically record all the videos on internal memory or media cards.


Another Japanese brand that record on flash memory and media cards. Panasonic produces very high-quality camcorders with ease of use. They also offer a point of view cameras that are water and shockproof.


I must congratulate if you managed to read all the article. We have focused on educating our visitors and we are confident that the picture in your mind must be clear to decide which camcorder is best for the money.

Look for a camcorder that offers the maximum features within this budget. Sony is The King of camcorders but Cannon is not far behind the race. When it comes to under 300 budget, Cannon offers more features than Sony. Two Canon models are reviewed in this article, both are the top notch under the budget of 300 dollars. But if we were to give a personal suggestion then go for Canon VIXIA HF R700 it is a great camcorder.



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